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Lost Bet

 I lost a bet with my best friend and had to suck his **** whenever he told me to for a month.

scottswallows scottswallows 18-21, M 11 Responses Mar 25, 2010

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What was the bet?

He said he could make more free throws than me.The loser had to suck the winner's **** whenever told to for a month.

Not once, maybe twice? Now that's commitment :)

You didn't loose anything. You gained a **** to suck anytime you want to. Win win if you ask me!!!!!!

No since in telling him you lost on purpose! You've already proved to him that you enjoy it!

If it had been ME making the bet, I would have been trying HARD to lose it!!

Soon you'll be asking "wanna bet on something"

Wow I wanna lose that bet!

Just dont make it too obvious you lose on purpose I'd be making a bet every month

I wasn't a sore loser.<br />
I wonder if I should tell him I lost on purpose?

i would have lost that bet 2

I'm kind of glad I lost.

If I were in a bet like that, I'd have lost on purpose.