Love Sucking Strangers!

I'm 17 - legal here for over a year, and making good use of my sexual freedom! Chubby, but I've found that a lot of guys (especially older men) are into that, and I love ****. But I have a kind of fetish for just the disembodied ****, not the person it belongs to.

That's why I love gloryholes - I get to play with/**********/suck someone's penis, without even seeing the person's face. It's just pure impersonal anonymous pleasure - both giving and recieving.

So I frequent gloryholes nearby (cubicles, etc) or go to a private one in a flat/hotel room, with random people or with people from Craigslist; old or young, fat or thin, well-endowed or smaller than my pinky, whether they want me to suck or just fondle, whether they want to return the favour or not... It's all fun.

And I love it!
Jackarama Jackarama
18-21, M
2 Responses May 14, 2012

i coudnt agree more im not into men i just love big hard *****

I can so understand!! I to love using gloryholes for the same reason! I really don't care about the owner of the **** I just want to make the **** happy! And when the **** gets really happy it gives me a prize!! I don't care if it is a big ****, a little one or how old it is (or how young!) I just want to make it very happy. I am there for the **** and the free prize!