Old Men With Hard Ons

About 5 years ago, I met this little old couple in the supermarket. The old lady was talking about the pies and how they don't make them from scratch like she does. She was so sweet to me and after walking the supermarket together, she invited me over for her home made pie. One day I took her up on it and went to their home. It did smell of delicious apple pie and it was so good. We had it with a bit of wine. I was feeling nice when granny began about how she lost her libido and that grandpa needs someone to make love to. I was in shock but tipsy from the wine and didnot htink that gramps could get it up.
Well, wouldn't you know it. Gramps was hung like a horse and screwed my brains out. We made arrangements so that gramps could get his cherry hole one and twice a week. I sure fo miss him!
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4 Responses Jan 15, 2011

You are a very sweet lady. I wish I was kin to you darling.

what a nice woman :-)

Thanks number1daughter. Well, the first time she stayed their and coached. She would actually tell him what to do to me and I could not help but get even hornier. So when she stayed home with us to coach, I came two and three times, and gramps held on to the end every time. He was so sweet and gentle but hard and long ans thick. I get wet just thinking back on our long sessions. I loved every minute. All I had to do is call. Turns out gramps was always ready.

your a sweet girl... love to be your daddy