With A Sexy Couple

I was last year, I hooked up with a sexy girl on the Internet and she told me she wanted to have a ********* with her husband and me. So I met the husband and we talked for a while. I invited both of them to my place and minutes after we arrived the wife and I started making out in front of him.
First he watched us, and started touching his ****... he dropped his pants and started ************ while watching us. She whispered to my ears that she wanted me to suck her husband. That was shock to me, but I was living one of my fantasies by having a ********* with a couple. Tthe husband knew it, I am sure they spoke about it previously, he was actually smiling. I just thought to myself "man, you're lucky she wants it this way, otherwise I'd never go down on you." So I did go down on him... it wasn't that bad. She stood right by our side ************, and while I sucked I could see her fingers all over her *****.
I actually wasn't aroused by sucking this man, but I did not dislike it either... and after a some time she was begging me to **** her, so it was really worth it. So I did... I ****** her real hard, until I came... then her husband ****** her but he came in a minute... I guess he was already about to *** when I was sucking him.
After it we became friend for some time... **** buddies I's say. We would get together at least once a week, it all started with me sucking the husband. I think I got better at that every time haha only once did he *** on my face because he could not hold the ******... but I got my reward later by ******* his wife in the ***!
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1 Response Jul 23, 2010

Well then, everything worked out great! I remember trying to talk my wife into giving me her first ever BJ... "Come on dear, it won't hurt!" LOL ... now, occasionally she gets aroused by the idea and when she gets aroused by anything - I'm in heaven!