Sucked A Guy On My Way Home From Day Trip...

Was on my way home from a day trip when I decided to find a **** theater that I had heard about and see if there would be a guy that would let me suck his **** (I love to suck complete strangers). I drove around looking and after some time I found the theater and pulled into the parking lot. I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about what might happen. As I walked to the entrance I was thinking about the people driving by and wondered if they knew that guys went there to suck each others' dicks...I hoped they did and that they knew that I was going in for that reason. I was so excited!
I went in and paid the clerk and he buzzed me in...He certainly knew that I was there to suck dicks...I loved it! I walked into the theater and sat down to watch a **** movie. My eyes adjusted and I saw a few guys stroking their ***** in the seats surrounding me. I moved next to one of them and put my hand on his penis...He let me feel it and stroke it some...By now I was quivering with excitement!
Another guy came in the room and sat next to me so I started to rub his **** through his jeans. He started to get hard so I turned to him and unzipped his zipper and found my way inside his underwear. I had his **** in my hand! He had a nice **** and seemed to be really turned on. I liked his **** better than the first one so I continued to fondle him and before long he was hard and seemed to be really into it. I know I was!
I stroked him for a short time and he invited me to join him in a private room...I was kind of hesitant because I wanted to suck him right there in front of everybody. I love for people to see me on my knees or leaning over to a guy seated next to me while I have their dicks in my mouth.
He seemed to want more privacy and kept asking me to follow him so I finally relented and followed him to a room with a bench. We went in and he closed the door. We talked a little while he was unzipping and dropping his pants...I couldn't wait to get his **** in my mouth!
He sat down on the bench, naked from the waist down with a nice semi erection...His **** was thick and had the most beautiful shape...Nice, well defined head and heavy balls and good length...His pubes were somewhat sparse and wispy...I was mesmerized! I just stared at it, examining this guys' **** from inches away, commenting to him on how nice it was...He loved it. He kept telling me how hot I was and how much he was liking the whole thing.
So, there I am on my knees with this strangers gorgeous **** inches from my face, admiring it. Asking him questions about his *********** experience and if he was married (which he was) and if his wife ****** other guys and how often he comes here...Then I just put his **** in my mouth! HOT!!!
I'm there sucking on this complete strangers' ****...Feeling it slide in and out of my mouth...Licking his balls...Telling him how much I love ****...Telling him what a gorgeous **** he has...Rubbing the head over my lips and just soaking up the lewdness of it all. I'm absolutely loving this...I'm not supposed to have a guys **** in my mouth, especially one I just met less than 15 mins. ago!!! I'm almost dizzy with lust! He's loving it!
I sucked him for maybe a half hour...Trying to memorize how his **** looked and felt...I didn't want it to end! There was precum running out of his ****. I could taste it...I was rubbing it on my lips. I was looking at it shining as it oozed out of his ****...This was cocksuckers heaven!
Finally he told me he had to leave because his wife was expecting him. I was asking him if he was going to **** her when he got home and how cool it would be if we could **** her together...Maybe me ******* her and sucking his **** at the same time!
He couldn't take it any more. He stood up and stroked his **** furiously and in a few seconds *** was spewing out of it like a geyser!
It was a beautiful sight, the *** shooting out of that gorgeous **** and landing on the floor...There he was ******* right in front of me, a complete stranger watching jit run out of him...It was HOT!!!
He zipped up and I thanked him for letting me suck his ****...It was sad seeing that **** disappear into his pants.
He left...I jerked off thinking about what had just happened...The *** ran out of me in buckets...
And that's my story about a ride home from a day trip...The best part about it is it's 100% true...I jerk off to that memory quite often :^0
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6 Responses Aug 13, 2010

oh you missed the best part having him *** in your mouth.

Yeah, it's one of the hottest things I've ever done...Love being on my knees servicing a complete stranger. Just seeing a strangers' **** is hot enough, but sucking it...Feeling it get hard in your mouth and feeling him getting excited just before he ****...M-M-M-M. Would love to be on my knees with about 5 or 6 strangers' dicks in my face!

Alan...He just got up and moved to the middle of the room. I wasn't sure what he wanted so I just watched. In retrospect I wish I had taken his load. That would have completed it for me.

why didn't you swallow his ***..?i think it's warm goooood....

Yeah, there's nothing like sucking strangers...I did suck three guys within about 15 mins. at a theater once...That was HOT!

:) Those are fabulous adventures. If you had stayed in the theater, you'd have been offered **** after **** until it was <strong>you</strong> that needed to go.