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I Sucked My Coach

I was about 13 and my coach was in late 20s. He loved to suck my little hard **** and I loved to let him. I knew it was wrong but he wouldn't let me stop and threated to tell the other guys that I was a queer. Then one afternoon after sucking my **** for what seemed like hours he stuck his hard **** in my face and said to suck him. I didn't want to but he had a vice grip hold on the back of my head and kept pulling it to his ****. I secreatly had wanted to experience sucking a **** but didn't want to be known as a queer Finally I opened my mouth and took his hard **** and went all the way to the bottom of his hard shaft. As I working it in and out I really started to love the taste and feel of that hard ****. I had watched him so often sucking my **** that I started to repeat what he had done and would work the **** in and out and often stop to just lick his head. He held my head hard and started to **** my mouth as he stroked in and out. I kept sucking and then he blew his load into my mouth. I didn't really know what happen as he had never gotten me to *** during his sucking of me. He told me to keep sucking and swollow that load and I did. He then pulled his **** out of my mouth and started kissing me and sucked some of his *** from my mouth and lips. He then asked if I liked that and I told him I did. That began my **** sucking thrill and I would visit him often after school and we would suck each other for several hours and then I'd have to go home. This lasted the full school year until one after noon he said it was time to expand our experience. He sucked me and then made me stroke and suck him until he got hard. The he pulled out some cream and began to lub my ***. He pushed me up to the side of the bed and pulled off my shorts and began to stick his hard **** up my ***. I was stunned but he kept ramming util his hard **** was up my ***. The cream made it slide but it still hurt. I finally relaxed and he keep stroking until he came inside me. He pulled out and then said it was "my turn". He lubbed his *** and started sucking my **** ot make me hard. When I was really hard he rolled over and told me to **** him hard! I was able to get him hard **** to slide into his *** and it felt great! I ****** him and was finally able to come. We enjoyed this sucking and ******* most of the summer.

Then I went to see him one evening after being gone with my family on a two week vacation. As I went in, I saw my best freind Jim was already there. And the coach said he was going to show us some really new thrills. I had no idea that Jim had been going there too but just waited for the events to happend. Jim just smiled and I later learned that he had know about me for many months.  The coach pulled off our  shorts and we both stood there nude.  He pulled us close together and began sucking our *****.  As they got hard he pulled both into his mouth and was sucking both of us.  He then told Jim to start kissing me.  As the coach sucked us JIm put his arms around me and started kissing me.  I was startled but was beginning to love it.  Then he started french kissing me and i was getting harder by the minute.   Then the coach moved between us and told me to suck Jim as he started kissing him.  I eagerly grabbed Jim's hard **** and sucked and licked him.  Then the coach said to switch and he started kissing me as Jim began sucking me.  This lasted for some time and then the coach brought out the cream and lubed our *****.  He started ******* me and made me suck on Jim as he pounded my ***.   He then made us switch again and Jim was sucking me as he was getting ****** in the ***.  The coach was right and this was a really new thrill for Jim and I.   We met often during the summer and this pleasure lasted the whole following school year.  Since Jim and I couldn't stay overnight with the coach we often had sleep overs at our house and enjoyed sucking and ******* eachother most of the night on weekends.   That was a great few years and then the coach got a new job with another school far away and we lost our **** sucking "coach".  Jim and I continued our own fun for several years and then found girls friends and met less and less for fun. 

robbi95 robbi95 46-50, M 5 Responses May 29, 2011

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this story made me hard as a roch and my nipples are hard too MMMMM:)

my **** is so hard now after reading that

Great story man.That is soo hot.

Thanks! is was a fun time and I often get a big hard **** just thinking about the coach ramming his big **** up my *** as I was bent over and sucking on Jim's hard ****. We live in different state now and are both married but often think about meeting with Jim in a hotel to enjoy or teen fun.

great story wish i was there could of had a ********* you know