My First **** Sucking Experience

This is a true story which I have told in a couple of groups on here, but I think it fits well in here as well.

I love women, I love everything about them, but I've always had the desire to suck another man's ****. For a number of years I'd been looking at other guy's ***** and gay sex on the internet, it always turned me on. Over a period of years I slowly got more daring, I went from looking at pictures, to gay phone sex, to finally arranging meeting a guy I'd meet on-line.

Before the evening I was very nervous but finally knocked on the door and waited to see who would open it. I was surprised when George opened the door; he was 10 years older than me, but very hot and sexy. After a couple of glasses of red wine, with butterflies in my stomach he suggested we stand up and caress each other. We kissed my first every man to man kiss, not as soft as a woman, harder, even desperate, but defiantly hot. George slowly undid my shirt, button by button pinching and twisting my nipples, and then slowly he kissed and sucked on them. I reached down and felt his hard ****, it felt so good, I opened his zip and reaching into his pants felt his rock hard ****. It was so hot; I still get hard thinking about it now and this all happened 15 years ago.

Slowly taking his **** out, I wanked him slowly, he was highly aroused and I rubbed his pre *** into his throbbing ****, I was as hard as I've ever been and he started to repay my efforts. With my own **** now out in its full glory, we rubbed out ***** together, there's nothing better than rubbing ***** with a like minded friend. I was so turned on I could have *** right there and then, there was so much pre *** coming from both *****. This went on for about 5 minutes until George asked if you could suck me.

Getting on to his knees, he took my **** into his hands and slowly put out his tongue to lick pre *** from the tip of my ****, I nearly blew my load there and then. After kissing and licking, he slowly took my **** into his mouth, sucking and tensing; it's a moment in my life I will never forget. After about five minutes of this, I had to stop him; it's my turn now I told him.

Swapping round I got onto my knees and took his **** into my hands, this was the first time I'd been at eye level with another guy's ****. I stuck out my tongue and licked his pre ***, it tasted sweet, kissing his shaft I decided to take him into my mouth, what a feeling, I really enjoyed giving my first blow job and sucked, kissed and licked as if my life depended on it. Shoving his **** deep into my throat and slapping it against my face I was in heaven.

Pushing him on to the bed, we got into a 69 position and continued sucking. As I sucked him, I played with his balls and rammed his hard **** into my mouth. I could feel myself building and building, he too started to twitch and then I felt my ****** building, I pushed and pushed and the next thing I knew I felt his hot *** shooting into my mouth, almost simultaneously I did the same. I don't think I've ever *** so much; we both swallowed the lot and then lay there exhausted.

We did do more, but that story is for another day. Also it will be interesting to see if people are interest in this sort of thing, so if you are, let me know and I'll continue sometime.
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May 24, 2012