Swallowed It All

Ok, so about a year ago i got back in touch with a friend who i hadnt talked to in a verry long time. Well after a few months later after talking a while, he got a diff fone and didnt tell me. So he started messaging me pretending to be a girl and ya. Well he (she) asked me if i ever had any gay experiences (i didnt think anything of it at the time cuz i thought i was still talking to a girl). So i told him about this other guy that i had a small thing with. Well she convinced me to ask him if i would suck his ****. So i gladley called him and asked him if he would like me to suck him off. He said yes of course. Yesterday he finally came over and spent the night. = ) We were verry nervouse because this was both our first time at doing something like this. It started of with him on my bed. I wanted to be sexy as possible so i kissed him. It was a passionate kiss. He started to stick his tongue in my mouth and i started playing with it. When we pulled away we both had huge smiles on our faces. I slowley moved down to his pants. I undid them and pulled them off of him. He was a full 6 inches from head to balls. I started of by rubbing his big member. Then i went in and started lo lick the head of his ****. He started to moan with enjoyment. I couldnt take it anymore, i took his full 6 inches down my throat. As i was sucking him, he crabed the back of my head and started forcing his **** down my throat making me gag. God i was in heaven. Then he slams my face down to his body and i can feel his **** explode as im licking it in my mouth. He exploded and shot several loads down my throat. I swallowed it all. Then i went back for more. He slamed my face onto his body 3 more times that night. Then when he shot his last load i kept it in my mouth. I kissed him again, this time i swished his *** into his mouth and he swallowed his own ***. God it felt so good to be passionate and not be made fun of!!

Thank you for reading = )

snake215 snake215 18-21, M 13 Responses Nov 9, 2009

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Hot story dude; I know it gave me a huge ***** just reading it! Eating *** is great, isn't it?

Good story,I myself just love the taste of another man dumping his load in my mouth,nothen like it,I've sucked some pretty weird shaped c....& loved every one of them,the smell & taste of huge loads of seamen in my mouth,swallowing every last drop,tastes sooo good,can't get enough of it,luv sissybobby

its good, Ive eaten my own several times...most guys love my taste

You must be awful to relax a shot of ***...I dislike the very curdy paste

You must be awful to relax a shot of ***...I dislike the very curdy paste

great experience story and i just cant stand anyone that makes fun of other.of course unless they tell you that what the like.

That's an amazing experience Snake. Am really glad you enjoyed your first **** sucking experience. there is something amazing when a guy holds your head and starts to ram is hardness into your mouth. I enjoyed my first as well and still remember it.

at least you both enjoyed your reunion

I love my **** to be sucked but I cannot touch anybodies ****.I do not like the stickyness of the *** and the taste of it.I have tasted mine<i didnt like it.

Wow Snake that is a hot story. you got lucky, you had a great experience and you still like it. I had a great experience too and I had some neat ones when I was young. I'm actually bi. I love ***** but I also love sucking a guys **** and I definately enjoy a guy sucking mine. I was in the 5-6th grade the first time I sucked my cousins **** and he sucked mine. As a young man Iwas 18-19 and it was good.

Sounds like you had a good first time.Isn't it great the first time you feel a hard **** in your mouth, swelling with passion and squirting ***. And how can one describe the first taste of a man's *** other than yummy. was for me anyway,

Love when her **** ***'s in my mouth!

That's pretty awesome. I've given a few ******** but they never came in my mouth. I'd love to try it sometime though.