Milking A Milf

So.......years ago when I was a starving student, not getting enough good *****, dope or second cousin visited us from out of town and stayed a couple of nights with us. His wife, still breast feeding their newborn, happened to pop her head into my room where I was enjoying a rare quality treat with my bong and best buddy. We were both feeling pretty relaxed, time had slowed down and I was feeling as randy as a hog as we both leafed through a few Penthouse mags, enjoying the spreads of naked women.

My sister in law, I call her that even though she's only a very distant relation, pops her head in my room to ask me where I put some of the baby's stuff. Now it's close to midnight, I knew everyone was in bed and that my second cousin had already hit the sack. So here is this pretty face looking at me, waiting for an answer while I just stared at her, my mind a little befuddled because all the blood in my body was in my engorged ****. She must have seen whatever she needed in a corner by my desk because she just opened the door and walked right in to get her stuff.

My eyes and my buddy's eyes just followed her movements as she came in.......ahhh jeez......I still remember the hot rush as I watched her **** bounce, no bra under her cotton t shirt, and as she bent over to pick up the little bag of baby stuff, her pajama bottoms just clung to the round fullness of her *** and I just sighed.

She must have heard me because she asked me how good that stuff was and whether she could try some! She just ignored the open Penthouse Pet hiding my ***** as she settled down on the floor beside me and just helped herself to a few deep swallows from my bong. I looked over at my buddy and he just stared at me and the woman sitting in the room with us. We both forgot the magazine models and just looked at each other until we both realized that the door was open. He got up and closed it quietly.

My sister in law didn't move but had just closed her eyes as she let herself feel the buzz. Then, we both went for another hit at the same time and our heads bumped together. At that moment I could smell the unmistakable odor of a woman who'd just been ******! Ol' cousin Rummy must have boffed her before going to sleep but here she was with me now!

At that moment she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen: long dark hair, full heavy **** and her hips were still generous a few months after she gave birth. I could even see damp spots on the front of her white cotton t shirt where her nipples must have been leaking milk! It was the most erotic sight I have seen and she was sitting beside me! My buddy was right there too now, taking his turn at the bong and inhaling the smell of sweaty, sexy female flesh!

Anyways, Jeema, her pet nickname as ol' cousin Rummy called her, thanked us for our hospitality, completely ignoring the spreads of nude women in the mags, and rose to leave. But she was a little unsteady as she stood and stumbled back into me when I had gotten up a little to help her. We both came back down, and trying to avoid making noise, we fell onto the bed. She tried to brace herself but her hand ended up right on my hard **** which she gripped to steady herself, giggled a little and then let go. She was sitting in my lap with my swollen member pressed into her pajama bottom which was caught in her bum! It was unimaginably pleasant!

She tried to get up again but I shifted my position on the bed to hide my hard on. It was sheer luck that made both of us a tangle of legs and feet so that in the next instant we were still on the bed but she had rolled over when she had tried to stand. Maybe some vestigial canine instinct in me took over because I just rolled over onto her and pushed my hard **** into the softness of her sweet bum. I pushed down on her as hard as I could and by this time the full force of the dope must have hit her because she didn't move. She just lay underneath me as I dry humped her! It took a few moments more before I heard her take my name in a thick heavy voice.

I leaned down, put my face in her hair and inhaled her odor and said, "I love you so're so beautiful!" I had forgotten about my friend but he hadn't forgotten us. He was a pretty nice gentle fellow and for the strangest reason he was stroking her forehead and then running his hands through her long dark hair while my **** was pumping up and down like a well oiled piston in a river of pre-*** in the crack of my sister in law's ***! I saw Tony lean down and actually kiss her! She was really stoned by now and just let him touch her. Probably because Tony had a baby face and was so unbelievably gentle with her. Maybe she was too doped up to think it over much!

Anyways, I'm close to ******* when Tony asks me what she feels like inside! Like what the hell?! He actually thought I was in her! That made me stop and I felt stupid because what could I say? That I was a chump getting off on a dry hump? That almost sounded perverted to me!

It took me a few dope-induced time-dilated seconds to do what I did next. I reached under me, and with one finger pulled down the elastic waistband of her pajamas and my **** naturally slid into her ***** with a mind of its own, like a hot knife in butter! She just moaned as she took it and I knew then that although she'd just been ****** by ol cousin Rummy within the hour, she hadn't gotten her fair share of that exchange.

I blew my load within seconds after that........I couldn't hold myself off as her long, low moaning just filled my head with a hungry passion as I pumped myself in the sweet spot of her womanhood. And Tony was in his own strange heaven as he let his hands roam over her face as she finally stopped moaning and just lay there breathing heavily.

When I finally got off of Jeema, I just tapped my friend on the shoulder and said if he was okay with it, he could go ahead. I watched him for a while as he tried to make up his mind but Jeema didn't move.......she just lay there. She still didn't move as Tony finally put his roll of coins in her slot.

Maybe the dope was giving me these strange feelings of tenderness.....but I started crooning how much I loved Jeema as Tony was enjoying her. I didn't know that my friend was such a gentleman making love with her but she actually rolled onto her side and moved with him while I watched.

Jeema's breasts came out of her shirt as Tony felt her **** and when I saw the white beads of milk on the nipples, I did what any good little boy would do. I sucked her nipples into my mouth and, like a miracle, like water in a desert, there was warm, sweet milk covering my tongue! When I did this, Jeema moaned again but this time it was the sound of a mother having an ******! She buried her face in the pillow while Tony filled her **** with his ***** and I filled my mouth with her milk!

I drank her milk like a baby and she let me have it! What a sweet MILF! To this day, even my wife doesn't know about this......but remembering that moment makes me so hard again with the thought of how warm, sweet and delicious Jeema's milk was!

I love lactating women and I take great but discrete pleasure in watching a beautiful woman suckle her baby because I know how much sheer physical pleasure it gives the mother to nurse her baby!

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A good railway Journey. I am in general compartment of train for two hours journey. It was greast experience to see the young lady breast. There is tremendous rush in train. There is not vacant seat. A young lady with child request me to just move. I have given him few space. After five minutes her child started to cry. She feel very bad and saw my face. I am not respond after 10 minutes again child started cry she try to stop but child is not stop to cry then she said you are very hungry boy please wait. She take our left breast and given to child mouth. Cant immage child is sucking so fast and I saw the breast of young lady.

Enjoy the day. One day my sister in law visit to my house with her recent kids of 2 months old. She often breastfeed infront of me and my eye contact is at breast only. My wife want to go for purchase of vegetable in market and will come back after 30 min. As soon as she left the house I request to my sister in law. I have never see such a nice breast. She is not reply and smile. I said your sister ( my wife) is never pregnant and I never suck breastmilk. She said I understand your problem but I feel very hesitate to breastfeed you I am younger than you by 10 years.I reqeust him only once please. My request is accepted by her but said very early and only one time. I agreed and immeidately close the door and take him to side and start to suck breast milk. It is heaven for me for ten minutes both breast will test. She said now over it will not be sufficient for child now stop. I agreed but life time achievment.

real story of village life I am only 20 yrs old and having one child of one year old. My brother in law wife died and having two kids of 6 months and 3 years. Both child are now my responsibility. Whenever i feed my child and another child of 6 months old and elder child of 3 years come and sit. He immediately press boobs and try to drink milk. I ignore him but in night he pull my blouse and suck my milk. I donot know how to stop him and some times in day times he pull my blouse and start to suck milk. My condition in very bad my in law donot raised any objection. The elder 3 years old suck very hard almost empty with in 10 minutes. I consult with my lay doctor. She said no problem more milk will produce.

Good but not real.

I too luv the flavor of breast milk. My wife used to stop me from drinking her breast milk saying "thats for the baby". I told her she would make plenty for both of us but she wouldn't give in. Then when her sister had a child she would tell me how her husband basicly ignored her after giving birth and she thought her breasts where the nicest they had ever looked. We talked for a while when I finally said "Let me be the judge". I could tell she was turned on by the idea and let me see and feel her boobs. They were full of milk and so beautiful. It was a little erie how much they looked like my wifes which made me feel less guilty. I asked her if I could taste her milk and she said "are you sure you want to"? I didnt say a word but went straight to her perfect breast. I circled the nipple with my tongue and the milk would drip and spray. I asked if she was OK, fearing she may go tell about our little "milking". She surprised me when she looked at me with confidence and said "I'm fine, it actually feels good to get some attention" I nursed on both sides and tried to get her to rub my **** but she just wanted to be nursed. I told her I'd love to do this again and she said she had no problem with it if we kept it to just nursing. I drank her milk 4 times after that and eventually kissed her while she gave me a hand job. That was the last time we did anything but when we see each other we still greet with a kiss on the lips that has a little extra tingle