I Sucked My Best Friends ****!

Well he wasn't my best friend but dam near! I had just entered the bi world and word got around so one time while at a lounge I ran into a long time friend of mine. The conversation was nothing unusual but then he came out that he had heard of my new lifestyle, for some reason I knew the conversation would change to my new lifestyle! Asking of course how long had I been into it, what got me into it and of course how does it feel to suck another mans ****! I felt uneasy at first but the more we talked the more I felt relax. The conversation went on for at least a hour and a half by then more then several beers had been drank by both of us. My friend suddenly out of no where asked if I would give him a ******* and again I knew he was going to ask me to! At that point I had only given two ******** and was very eager to try it once again so with out hisitation I said yes. So in the bar parking lot in total darkness in his car I gave him my only third *******. I guess in the beginning I was what you call "easy" for I continued sucking my friend for the months to come for I was his any time he wanted and from the parking lot it continued at his apartment and in the comfort of his bed and I had my first man completely naked, my close friend! He loved being naked with me and the pleasure I gave him (mainly sucking his very, very huge **** and balls), he never once return the favor for he said he was straight! What do you think!.....gay, bi, bi curious or was he straight!
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opportunist. :-)

Great story. Being Bi is the best of both worlds. Your friend was just curious & wanted his **** Sucked. You have to help a friend out, don't you.

Bravo for your courage and no "straight man" is interested,especially as much as he was IF he was truly straight!

Like many men, selfish once they get their nut!

Not all men

<p>I never reciprocate....YUK!! If someone wants to suck my ****....and I let 'em....that's his desire...it's certainly not mine! I enjoy the bj but that's as far as it goes. If he wants to suck...that's his fetish...not mine...at all.</p><p>When I was 10, the neighbor up the street, who was 14 always wanted to wrestle around in the yard. I was pretty strong so he wasn't overpowering but I often ended up sitting on his chest straddling his head. He joked that if I'd let him up, he'd kiss my ****. I thought he was crazy....full of ****. He wouldn't kiss my ****. </p><p>But one day... I said "OK"....and pulled my shorts to the side and pulled out my penis. I held it up to his face and he lifted up his head and gave my **** a big sucking kiss! I was blown away (lol)! I couldn't believe he did that. </p><p>Then....he offered to suck it. I slid forward and got right over his mouth and stuck it in. He closed his lips and started sucking!! My heart was pounding! I was on top of him and he was actually sucking my ****. I had just taken a **** so I guessed he was slurping that off as well. I couldn't *** so he just kept sucking. I was stiff and thrusting in and out of his throat. I gagged him over and over but that only made me more agressive with his mouth.</p><p>After a few sessions of that, in my backyard, under the neighbors bush across the street, in my garage...he told me he wanted me to suck his. I was shocked. He said he was sucking my ****....I should return the favor. I reminded the mofo he was sucking my **** because he wanted to. I didn't want to suck his nor was I going to do it. He said if I didn't, he wouldn't suck mine anymore.</p><p>I told him that's fine with me...get the hell out of here. He didn't come back for two weeks or so. Then, one early morning about 2am, he knocked on my bedroom window. I wouldn't go out. He begged. I opened the window and told him to get lost. That's when he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He would do ANYTHING I wanted if I would just let him start sucking my **** again. I thought it over then, totally naked, walked out of my back door...told him to lay down...and I squatted over his mouth....sat down...and made him lick my dirty little *******!!! I couldn't think of a penalty worse than that...having his tongue back there cleaning my anus. The feeling of his tongue exploring my ******* was FANTASTIC!! It was an unbelievable feeling and experience to get my *** licked. </p><p>I couldn't believe I had this kind of power over him. I wiped my ******* on his mouth...up and back...several times...he actually loved it! He loved the fact that I was taking charge and having him perform my little perverted fantasies in real life.</p><p>I had him drink my hot, stinky ****, lick my ******* and suck my ****. He was in heaven!! And I learned a big lesson for the future....people are driven to perform all kinds of nasty sex acts. Don't ask why....just enjoy them doing it. Deny them the privledge and they want it even more.</p>

Selfish as far as I'm concerned? never ceases to amaze me how hot many men are but once they cream off...they cool off and care less about pleasuring the man who treated them so generously! Sure plenty of you have been with guys who seem to think its a one way street!

Yeah....you're right! As far as I'm concerned, it IS a one way street.

Great story. Great to be bi, I waited waaaay too long before tasting my first ****.

I read that he started sucking you back, so that's good. I've had a friend who used to have sex with me, friendly sex, and our other gay friends, but he never had a relationship with a guy, always with a girl. He married a girl, had kids, but he still continued to play with guys, like the grocery delivery guy, the parking garage guy, etc. He once told me that guys like him loved women, but they also "like ****", and they go with guys to "get ****". <br />
<br />
I think it's just not as simple as "gay/bi/straight/bi-curious"... it's more complicated than our organizational schemes.

The best bj's I've had from guys have been from married guys. They are more appreciative and, in between *****...they fantasize a lot about doing it. When the opportunity knocks again for them to pleasure a male with their mouths...they are super excited and want to perform well.

Very true!

yes, but as long as you enjoyed it, PS sorry not been on for a long time < but thanks for the comment. x

I used to think I was 100% Straight ! I had messed a round as a Kid and a Young Teen But I used to put that down as experimenting There was a lot of young guys who used to ********** each other . But that was all No thought of giving Oral to each other.. So when i started to date Girls I never ever thought about guys ***** .. It was ***** and **** plenty of Oral sex and I couldn't get enough sex with them...<br />
Then I met a guy and we became good friends.. I was dating my future wife and had just got engaged..<br />
We had a party and I took her home when it had finished But my Friend Ben was staying over at My Parents home with me. I had a double bed and didnt think anything wrong in Ben sleeping with me ... It was some time in the night that I felt a hand on my **** .. For some strange reason which i cant explain for the life of me . I never made a move to stop him .. I felt my self getting a hard on and i could feel his hand wanking me ... God it felt great .. I let him know that i new what he was doing to me . I was pushing my hips up to meet his hand ... the next thing he got under the sheets and took me in his mouth. OMG The feeling of him sucking me was heaven It was the Best B/Job I had ever had ..He took me al the way and swallowed all of my ***** .. I felt really guilty and when he pushed his **** towards me I told him i didnt want to touch it .. But that all changed . I will have to put all this down in full in this group . I hope you all will read it .

awesome story, I am looking for a friend to share oral with!!<br />
Thanks for the story!!

I know I do!

I agree wholeheartdly. Bi is the best! So many more options, and don't we love it!

Thats what bi means, enjoy women and men! As I always said..."more options"

"Discretely" is really hard to do when turning bi as you seen in my story! One buddy tells a buddy and he tells another! You would be surprise how many of my buddies wanted to be sucked and in secret! Some of my buddies we're surprised I sucked **** but it didn't stop them from asking to suck them and most I did! Fran888u you might try married guys, most of them want it a secret, especially from there wife's unless you fine some guy like me who's wife doesn't mind me sucking a ****! Yes the taste of *** is awesome!

I believe deep down inside I'm also very Bi. I just need to learn how to discretely find others who are this way too. Only once in my life have I sucked off a guy, and it was a close friend. We were both a little high from the wine we had with dinner, both really down about our recent divorces, and both feeling rather horny. We drove over to his house and agreed to have a mutual jerk off session, but once I felt his **** I didn't stop there. I bent over and started sucking his ****. It felt good, and when he said he was close to *******, I said OK, let it go. He shot into my mouth. It was the first time I've ever tasted *** first-hand, and I actually liked it. Would love to try it again some time.

Your right many more opportunites, how about me bybybuster I used to be a teacher!

Great stuff, Willboo. I am also bi - love to suck and swallow as well as get sucked...bi women and men. The more the merrier!! The nice thing about being bi is that you have so many more opportunities to play!!

I'm into it either way man or women, I love both! A 69 with either is nothing but pleasure at least it is for me!

i am also Bi. and happelly married. I was on a kick from Crigs list meeting guys for a blow and go. i did this about 4 times. It excites me even now. I have controled myslfe for a long time now. The next time when I get my wife into a 3 sum. <br />
I think this is why I am pushing so hard for the 3 sum.

Are you dressed pretty or just wearing guy clothes? If you just look like one of the guys, I'd definately say he's bi.

loved your storey.. kind of like mine,,but it was my bud that figured out he liked to suckle.. and i just soaked it all up. however, i did discover what some lube and some manual attention would do.

Your right some people think just cause your bi they can hit on you any time but thats not the case! I had a friend when he found out of my lifestyle he came up to me and dropped his pants thinking I was going to suck him. "No way" was I going too, if he had been nice about it and not so rude and talked about it first I mght have dobe it. I have pride also!

Isn't both worlds wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I am still easy cause I have sucked most of my buddies at one time or another and there not all gay or bi. Like I've said before I never knew I had so many friends!

he all ready has and is very good at it, I schooled him well !

Oh that has changed since then, we've had a 69 since then!......our friendship is even closer now!

Let me know the outcome!!!!

Get some one to help you with that hardon, maybe your best friend!......... : )

Thanks funnylingerer and zentrooper, loved it!

I recently seen my married friend again and after all this time he gave me a bj his first and can't believe it was his first time! It was one of the best bj I have ever recieved from a first timer. He used his tongue like a expert leaving no spot untouched. I tried not to *** right away for I wanted it to last but was unable too and unloaded big time so much that he couldn't handle it all althought he tried! It was well worth waiting for all this time! We're ready for a 69 at this point!

I guess your right purecotton, I have learned since then not all that recieves bj's give bj's for I have a married guy who I give bj's all the time and that is all that happens and I'm happy with that! When ever he calls I'm his.

Why shouldn't he be straight. I'm sure that many straight men would love to have a BJ from any person on occasion. Like me I'd love to have that happen. <br />
Although I wear panties I'm straight, but think that release of any kind sometimes would be wonderful. <br />
I'm just not sure that I'm keen on returning the favour, I think.

Thank you for the story. Yes, I would say he is bisexual, as I am also. Have been most of my life. I just don't let it be known, even to my wife. She would leave me in a heart beat if she kneww I liked playing with other men.I started very young in my life, when I was in elementary school. My cousin and I used to suck each other off.. I had a great time playing with myself while reading your story and I tasted my precum when I finished your story, Thanks

your friend is certainly not 100% straight I think he would love to suck **** but let him do it when he feels he's ready to do it

Yes and he is very, very good at it! I recent met him at his apartment for a very long hot night! I'm hooked on him once again especially with his experience he does more then just return the favor!

It's been two years now that it happen and recently we met again and again I'm his for the asking but now he isn't bi curious but bixsexual. I wasn't going to meet him but couldn't resist as before and he knows it! When he **** he **** what seems forever!

I need to find my guy. Great story