My Best Friend

When i was 12 my neighbors grandson (12) started to come stay with them for 2 weeks every summer we hit it off became good friends we hang out,play whatever ,well he showed me a game lets call it perverted house (both of us where late bloomers) we where hanging out in my tree house and started goffing around he was dad just home from work and jumped on me pulled out is **** and started rubbing it up against me this went on i pulled out mine but that was it I would see him on holidays and we would hangout the next summer same thing except he asked me if i ever kissed anyone no i was 13 so he asked if i would like to try it so wierd but we made out touched each other but thats it next summer (14) growing spurt matured well he came to visit now i jerked off three times day well he had a growing spurt too so this time he is there one day and in the treehouse he says to me want to see my **** i laugh say yea mine grew bet its bigger and we whip them out my little 5 inch penis was no match for his thick 6.5 inch **** he teased me all day i kept telling him to stop but it made me so horney when he did i didnt leave by the end of the day we decided we would sleep in the treehouse so I had no alone time without him when we were getting sleeping bags and stuff he asked me with that little **** do you wear mommys panties i was stuned he was still teasing me but how did he know i had worn my moms panties when i jerked off the look on my face gave me away he laughed and walking outside said well dont let me stop you I didnt know what to think but ran up to my mothers room and grabbed a pair of her sexy satin panties and shoved in my pocket also went and got some vasaline out of my room and figured at the very least i could finally jerk off after he fell asleep when i got outside he had everything up in the treehouse already it was late already dark so we headed up figured we would sit around and tell lies like boys do when the first thing out of his mouth is did you get them? Get What? i replied dont play with me and started to wrestle he was stronger and bigger then me easily pinning me my **** was hard. Where are your panties? Do you have them on already? reaching for my zipper i freaked not wanting him to know i was hard. Wait there here in my pocket he pulled them out letting me up they pink I had not even looked but he noticed right away. So pink i should have known, put them on. I went white. He repeated put them on let me see i told him no get lost he told me he wasnt going to tell anyone and he would jerk me off in them then if anything he was the gay one right i finally agreed but would not let him watch sound dumb but made him leave i ******** and put on the panties and got under the sleeping bag he came up and came over to me reached under and grabbed my **** he started to rub it through the panties and pulled back the sleeping bag then he unzipped his shorts and pulled his **** out and jerked off with his left hand after a few stocks he asked if i could do it he was no good with the left and his right was rubbing me i was so horney not wanting him to stop i started to jerk him off he talked to me told me how good it felt and how to do it the way he liked it I told him i had grabbed some vasaline he asked where it was i told him in my bag on the other side of the tree house would of had to stop to get it i did not want him to stop he still was not ******* me off just rubbing through the panties but i didnt care i started to get real close when he told me to stop Its to raw without lube i didnt want him to stop he said forget it I will do anything just dont stop he told me to lick his **** i hesitated he stopped I licked his **** he started again once again telling me what to do finally i put it in my mouth really getting into it i could not get it all but he didnt seem to care he had even stopped rubbing my **** i had not noticed he told me he was going to *** and i pulled off letting him *** all over my hand wiping it off i said My turn he just smiled and said i dont do that . so i asked if he would finish ******* me off Only if i can **** your ***. No way so he rolled over said good night and I sat up and jerked off in my moms panties twice before I could get to sleep. The next morning he told me to have another pair of panties for tonight! and I did scared he would say something to someone about last night he stayed for 12 days and i sucked his **** 5 times and everytime it was the same after that vacation his grandparents moved away and i never saw him again
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2 Responses Apr 24, 2012

hot story, found it really hard to read though. Definitely not a grammar nazi but for some reason I read this in a Borat voice because that is what your sentence structure is like.

I wish he would have let you have his ***. It seems only fair after all you did all of the work!