So Im 17 years of age , and I have a 20 year old best friend , and weve been friends for about 3 yrs now, it all started around April last year.... we was just doing our daily routine, and I just started laying on him , then the question popped up.. "you tryna give me head?" I said no straight up bit then five minutes later , I ended up laying across the bed with his hand on my *** , sucking his ****, and I dont know if this is wrong but I am a lesbian and im NOT the girly type either, and I cheated on my ex girlfriend with him alottt! Hes been giving me hickeys all over and We finally had sexx thoroughly on. The 16 and enjoyed it , but ever sice he hit it ,hes been acting weird I dont know , I think ive caught feelings for him but now ive been hearing he has a girllfriend??? And im supposed to be the bestfriend here -,- life is crazy, can somebody please tell me what to do because I really do like him
jaaaaygunna jaaaaygunna
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i think you can do nothing about if hewasnt serious but only friends. didnt you noticed his word"" you tryna give me head? that mean that was you only wasnt him but he just enjoyed