started in school as experimenting kids, but we have never stopped, when we watch the game my GF and his wife go out shopping togther, so just the two of us, a suck or a fuc* allways happens.
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That's what best friends are for.They come home and ask who won. We both smile/

You are quite lucky

You both are very lucky, I would love to have a friend like that

That is what good friends are for!!

That's what good friends are for. A real friend will take your **** in his mouth, and in his ***, and put his **** in your ***, and mouth. A real good friend shares your *** with you, by giving you a big sloppy kiss !!1

That is awesome my friend!! Wow, wish I was that lucky with my good friend from school that he and I use to play with each other, unfortunately we live over a thousand miles apart!! :(

OH yes my friend, when he and I were in high school, we spent a lot of time pleasing each other, and some beautiful memories I have also!!! MMMMMmmm