me and my friend john we have been friends for 6 years and we werent best friends until about half a year after meeting each other but me and him would hang out atleast every other day and so about a year into our friendship we were just hanging out at his house nobody was home and he looked at me and asked if i wanted to watch **** with him i was a horny 13 of course i said yes so we are watching this girl give a man some head and and i can see him getting larger and i was to i jokingly said i can suck you like she does and he just looked at me then started watching the video again then i said close your eyes and he did we were sitting on the edge of his bed and i stood up and i pushed him on his back and unzipped his pants and pulled them down leaving his underwear on he then started looking me in the eye as i gripped on to his tool and pulled it out of his underwear ive really only seen my own so when i saw him he was much bigger than me but i didnt care because i was staring into his eyes as is head slid into my mouth and it tasted so good i was nervous but i really liked it just taking him further in my mouth everytime then i came off of his shaft and licked his nuts that were salty from running earlier but i love the taste of sweaty smelling dirty nuts its just so intoxicating but i move back to the shaft playing with his balls in my hand then he looks in my eyes and says he was bout to explode i never took my lips off till i swallowed every last drop i told him i would love to do that again and i enjoyed it so much that we ended up doin it every day then i wore a thong and he bent me over but thats a different story
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a very exciting story