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How It Started: Sucking Sleeping Dad

I have always been attracted to older men and have always known I liked men - sexually.

I grew up overseas all over Asia since my father was an officer in the US military. He was a pilot and engineer. We lived in Vietnam, Japan and Hawaii until we ended up in the Midwest. My parents were divorced when I was six and my father managed to get custody from my mother who was Japanese.

My father was a handsome man - at least to me and to the many prostitute/bargirl/girlfriends he brought home during his time overseas. He was about 5'9", 175 - 180, stocky and muscular with blondish brown hair, blue, blue eyes, a hairy chest and a deep farmer's tan from working outside.

When I was young, we moved to my Dad's hometown where he had (still has) a large family of brothers and sisters.

Dad was an engineer and worked the graveyard shift at the boiler plant with two of my uncles and so it was my job to wake him up and many times he would be sleeping so hard that I would have trouble waking him or he would respond to me like I was someone in his dreams - usually work related and telling 'Smitty" or 'Mike" to get this tool or that or to do some other task.

Many times I would have to repeatedly shake him to get him out of his deep sleep.

He was a good man, but drank heavily like most of the men in his family. He was not a bad or ugly drunk but he would drink a few drinks after dinner every night and then fall asleep on the couch - usually in his white bvds.

Many times when he was sleeping heavily, after much drinking, I would notice that he would be rock hard in his underwear and he often talked in his sleep; nothing I could make out - just mumbling usually.

A lot of times on his nights off, he would drink more than usual and then fall asleep on the couch and I would stay up all night watching him on the couch from down the hallway with binoculars in the dark - so that if he woke up, he wouldn't catch me watching him.

During the night, he would get hard and soft, hard and soft and many times he would absently rub his bulge in his sleep. Every now and then he would pull it out the side of his underwear and fondle it in his sleep.

I loved those times and I would be up all night fixated on his **** hanging out of his underwear getting soft and hard all night long.

We had central air back then but my dad liked to have the windows open and so unless it was very hot, we usually didn't have it running.

On one very hot night, he was asleep on the couch after drinking. I waited and watched until I was sure he was fast asleep and waited until his white bvds filled up with his hard ****. It was a really dark night with no moon and so it was hard to see from down the hall even with my binoculars but the whiteness of his bvds attracted what little light there was and I could see that he was rock hard.

I went down the hall and I crept closer and looked closer at his wonderful bulging ****. I was so nervous and excited and scared that I was shaking like I was in an earthquake - or so it seemed!

My heart pounding and my mouth dry I lightly touched his bulge and felt his warm, hard **** through the thin cotton. I ran my finger along the bulge, feeling his shaft and head as I quivered with excitement.

Dad didn't seem to be waking up and I knew that if I didn't act on this - I probably never would!

I slowly lifted his underwear leg opening and gingerly slid his swollen head out the side which caused his entire **** to pop up and out of his underwear. I looked at his beautiful **** and realized that mine looked so much like his! I lifted the leg opening a bit more and slid his balls out of his shorts. I lightly and stroked them and held my breath as they contracted slightly. I moved my finger along the underside of his **** as if jutted out almost parallel from his body. As I touched it it jumped slightly now and then. My dad still seemed to be fast asleep and snoring lightly as he did any time he was sleeping on his back.

Getting up my nerve, I held his thick penis and kissed the crown. My mouth sucked half of his **** into it. He moaned, but continued to snore. His penis now was almost all in my hot young mouth, and I sucked hard, and moved my head up and down slowly. It was heaven. Many minutes passed and I continued to suck my Dad’s ****. He moved a little and moaned again.

I felt his **** get stiffer and stiffer and I felt he was near his climax and sucked harder, and moved my head up and down faster. Then his **** began to pulsate and he started to spurt his ***** into my mouth. I sucked on and on, taking all of his juice into my mouth and swallowing. Dad came and came and I swallowed every drop of his thick, salty slightly bitter *****.

He mumbled a bit and I froze - my mouth still on his ****. He didn't wake up and so I slowly slid my mouth off his **** and made my way back down the hall and into my room.

My heart was still thumping and I was sure that any minute he would wake and storm into my room angry and knowing what I had just done.

I laid on my bed and pulled the covers over me after I slid one of my white socks over my rock hard **** and I jerked off into still relishing the taste of his ***** in my mouth.

Next day, Dad gave me no sign that he knew what had happened. His next night off, I did the same.

I did this I moved out of the house into my own apartment.

MORE TO ***!
dadsucker dadsucker 46-50, M 40 Responses May 23, 2011

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Shmm and you are a male.
1.****** is bad
2.for your gayness you will go in hell

I love this story, it gets me horny

can i be your dad

Oh wow! Damn!!

God that's hot

I had a very similar experience with my son. He watched a **** mag and came in my mouth. WE BOTH LOVED IT. ... although both of us knew it was "wrong." IT WAS NOT for many years that I learned that BOTH ***** JUICE and GUY *** taste infinitely better from TEEN AGE. Although it is probably much more enjoyable to SUCK a MOTHERS SAGGY *** with Stretched NIPPLES... Some nearly 3" in diameter.

BTW, I never figured out a way to get into his sisters ****. Although I photographed it many times. (to jerk off to)


I forgot to say that it was ME who planted the **** mag... and ME that "caught" him ******* off to it... I planned it all ... and I got a swell load of *** out of it.

can i do yours

When I first read this story in Hustler magazine back in I think 1983 (a slightly less embellished version) it got me super hot. Still does. Wish I could have done this to my step-dad.

LOL I didn't submit to hustler...especially in 1983!!!

Until recently I had been giving my dad ********. This was fairly regular or when circumstances would permit. It was always enjoyable and did not seem unusual to me to suck man's ****. I was never abused as a child and my dad and I got along greatly.

I wish my dad had let me suck him off.

Tell you what ... Now that we have BIG TV and LOTS OF **** available, I bet that those son father and son mother things go away. I just KNOW my mom wanted to **** me. BTW ... I hated Hustler and always jerked off to PENTHOUSE BARE *****

Especially after reading a few juicy storyies in their FORUM Mag

Yeah, I used to love reading Forum!

Forum was very popular at British Public schools in the 1960's: I'll bet that DOESN'T surprise you ... ?

You should have sucked him until he **** his load. Maybe when he was up. Most mem love a younger man to suck them off

This was so hot

obviously when you are horny for a man, the sight of your dad is the closest thing u have to one. Esp if he is any way goodlooking. I can see why some are attracted to their dads.

Somehow that story got me horny

Same here :)

I had already had experiences with men by the time I was around 12 or so.. but by now I was looking at my dad.. who was often passed out from being high, drunk or both.. His body is def above average and I couldn't get over the size of his package.. In the dark, Id go with a mini flashlite and try and pull aside his loose boxers while he snored. What used to amaze me most was the amount of dark pubic hair above his piece and on his balls, etc... I jerked off many, many a times to my face in his crotch.. or pits. It was the most intense *******.

That was so hot,
Did he ever wake up while you still had his **** in your mouth?


Wow that's crazy!! I woke up one night and my step son was doing the same thing. He was 18 then. He never new that I was awake. I have since then had it several times until finally I returned the favor. He woke up and said thank you!

I wish i wad that kind of dad <3 aswesome

Weren't you confused or mad at your son?

Add me please? Thanks! (Paul)

hot tell us all......

I would like to put yours in my mouth until it **** and then take the other juice that comes out. Let me know how soon.

It is what every son should be doing!

very yummy must have tasted great.

This is such a cool story. Anyone else have similar experiences?

I was 5 or 6, when i sucked my dads ****, it was huge, i never got his load, but i new he was awake, when i put his hand down my pants, and he pulled it out quickly

Mind if I *** over and nap on your sofa?

I only ever think of you !<br />
All my love to you!<br />

My dream as a kid was to suck off my dads uncut ****. You lucky lad.

I'm always thinking of you !<br />
Yours always,<br />

I'm sure that you do remember him very fondly........<br />
And I'm very well pleased to hear that you are circumcised, because that just<br />
looks so good !<br />
Are there any other experiences that you have had since those days .... ?<br />
What did you get up to, after you moved out East ?<br />

Just another thought ... what happened to you after you moved out into your own apartment ?<br />
Did you still keep in touch with your well-hung Dad ?<br />
Or did you move onwards to other things .... ?<br />

I did a bit but then I moved out east and so not as much - he has passed on now but I still remember him fondly...

You say that you were delighted by the fact that his **** looked just like yours .. ?<br />
That's not really so surprising when you consider that you are his son !<br />
You said how much you enjoyed sucking his big crown .. ? You didn't mention<br />
whether he was circumcised, or whether you had to slide back his foreskin<br />
before you slipped his swollen glans into your mouth.<br />
For that matter, are you circumcised yourself ... ?<br />
Sorry to be intrusive, but I'm just fascinated by this kind of thing.<br />
Best wishes Big Fella !

He was circumcised as I am...

Yeah, good point : did you ever do it again to him ... ?<br />
That really is the horniest thing I've ever heard !<br />
Sucking off your Dad's handsome big **** !<br />

I did a quite a few times - he never did wake up and if he did start to wake up I always stopped and ran off LOL

Loved the story and would be eager to know if he ever found out or woke up. If so; what happened? What did he say or do? Did it stop or continue?

I did a quite a few times - he never did wake up and if he did start to wake up I always stopped and ran off LOL

I wonder how many times he could have actually have been awake and was just enjoying your mouth

Awesome story, brilliantly told ! You've given me a rock hard ***** !

real or not,, made my **** hard

day zha story almost to a tee...with three other brothers I had to fight for a place in his life. After years of trying to find a way, I hit upon the idea of waking him in the morning by making him happy that I was his second son by giving him releaf sexually. It was to be my best idea in many years of becumming my dad's favorite.When dad got to the point in life that there was not to be much life left, he told me that he loved the action and results, but that he hated me for the way I went about it. To this day I berate myself for what I had done to him. I make up for it by taking my sons into my arms and telling them just how much I love them..

What didn't he like about it?

dad was a bull of a man and thought that guys that liked other guys were less than men and he had no use for them including me. I spent the rest of his life proving to him that I WAS a man, but never to his satisfaction. On his death bed he said he was sorry but that he DID love me and was proud of me as his son.

lucky you that he finally could be man enough to admit he loved you!

I thought about you and your dad: if he had admitted he liked you, he might then have admitted being gay/bi. By pretending he only liked the action and not you, he could prevent himself from admitting to himself being bi. He must have lived soo much in fear from being gay or bi. For sure it wasn't your fault that he pretended not to like/love you and maybe it also wasn't his. He just grew up being teached that gay people are not worth. If he had been able to admit he loved you before it would have made his and your life much easier. Luckily he at least admitted to love you.

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Fiction or not, it was well written. You should have been spanked for being such a naughty boy dadsucker.

Yall need to relax I just asked if it was true or fiction. Thats all.

You did NOT 'ask', you SAID it was "pure fiction", as if you know it all.

**** off wildcrazy and kiss my ***.

I didn't take any offense itchy.....

Its just that a story....pure fiction.

Then don't read it - hard to get here if you don't search the topic in the first place...

AWESOME story, got my rock solid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would love to here more

WOW! I'm sitting here with a hardon!

I would love to hear some more of your stories!!!