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Naked With Dad

i am 22 and have always had a bit of a thing for my dad and unle. dad is 60 and my uncle is 58.

me my dad and uncle went away on business togeather and booked three rooms but when we arrived the hotel had messed our booking up and they only had 1 family room left with a double and a single so my dads and uncle shared the double and i had the single bed. we all sleep naked and had no night clothes with us so we just got into bed naked. I woke up in the middle of the night with the hardest erection i had ever had. when i looked over my Uncle was spooning my dad so i got out of bed and looked at them as they had taken the covers off. and their ***** was both rock hard and covered in ***. i Lay in bed just staring at their ***** for about 2 hours. when morning fianlly came we all got up and chilled out in the room and remained naked. my uncle said to my dad your **** is looking a bit sticky there bro. he started to suck my dads **** . dad said *** and join in son me and ur uncle have fooled around since we was teenagers what hapens in a mans bed room stays there. We stayed in the room all day and played with each untill my dad said im all cummed out and his **** was that sensitive hat he narly cried when we touched it. best business trip i have ever been on.
smallcock66 smallcock66 22-25, M 25 Responses Jun 21, 2013

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wow, I wish I was your dad!

Awww... :3

Lucky ******

nice !

I'll act it out for you! :p

wish me and my brother could have such fun,


damn... staying busy while taking it easy... my **** kept jumping through the story

Pretty hot story

Nice story friend....
Louise CD


What a hot and sexy story. I wish it had happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A gay dad who enjoys having a gay son...HOT!

It is hot, made me hard

Lucky dad!

That's really hot. I've nearly slept with my own dad, i never quite made it far enough. I always thought it'd be fun to suck my dad or my uncle's ****. something about forbidden fruit that make things seem so much sweeter :p

That's a great bonding story

That's hot!

Omg! That's very hot! Wow mmm

Shame it wasn't true.

guys this is my fantacy

WOW, I hate to hear that is a fantasy, (BUT, I MUST SAY, IT WAS ONE VERY FINE FANTASY FOR SURE)!!!!!!! MMmmmmmmmm!!!! :)

woud u like to act it daddy?

I sure would, when do we get started????? :)

Helluva fantasy...I did have a sexual relationship with my uncle ( mums brother ) on a fishing trip a few years ago

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WOW, that was a great story my friend!!! Why have I never had exciting times like "that" happen to me!!!!! :)

How *** these things only happen to other guys? I have just recently begun sucking guys and must say that I found the smaller one that I sucked 3 months ago was the most satisfying. Something about being able to swirl the whole thing around in my mouth was a major turn on, and he came a huge load... :-))))) I would really enjoy viewing your hot little dickey. Could you please friend me?

Hot story wish I was there

Sounds like you had a great "business trip"!