Better Late Than Never

I had to go into the big city for supplies to finish a project I've been working on. As I was loading up my pick-up, a friend of mine pulled in. We talked for awhile & went to have a beer, or several- We talked about work & wives & such, & he told me how lucky I am & how hot my wife is. We were both feeling pretty good & he kept bringing the conversation back to my wife.I told him I noticed he watches her a lot & he said he can't help it, she gives him a hard-on everytime he sees her, then he added, even talking about her gives me a hard-on!I asked if he has a hard-on now & he said hell, yes. I said, me too! He said, at least you can go home & have that taken care of, my wife is outta town for a few more days!  Being the ****-sucker I AM (& the beer) got me thinking!  I told him it was getting to crowded & we should go to his place for another drink-  We got there & he made us a drink, I eas feeling horny, so started to talk about my wife again, knowing how he'd get again! I asked if he was getting hard again & he said yeah, & thanks for nothing! Was'nt sure how he'd react, but said, lets see! He laughed & said, you first!  So, I pulled out my hard **** & slowly stroked it, & said your turn!! He pulled out his **** & I wanted it right then & there! He said ,now what?  I went over, got on my knees & started sucking his ****! He sure was surprised!! He had never been with a guy before, but learned quickly!! He jacked me off & I sucked his **** dry for him!! (his wife won't let him *** in her mouth)  We talked for awhile afterwards & he said he was always curious, & was glad I opened the door for him to explore his desires! Were going to get together again & he wants to try sucking ****! & I'm going to invite him to **** my wife!!

randybi4u randybi4u
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I would love to find a suck buddy here in Louisiana your a lucky guy !!!

hopefully, later today, he said he can be here around noon, more later.......

Very hot! ******* right now thinking about it! When I get back from Afghanistan, I need to find a friend like you can blow me and I can **** your wife! Then I'll return the favor!