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My ANR partner lives in another state and comes to my state every 2 weeks. We haven't began yet so in order to help induce. I have began to suckle myself until she gets here to induce lactation. Any suggestions?
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That picture has got to be the most erotic I've seen

Yes, you must take Domperidone, 80mg/day. Search for Goldfarb-Newman protocol.

''you must take Domperidone''?! It is irresponsible to encourage people to buy drugs off the internet or to take drugs without a prescription! Please do not take any medication not prescribed by your doc and especially not internet-bought drugs. You do not know how the drug will react in your body and you can't be sure you are buying the real thing. Better to be safe than sorry. Get medical advice about safe methods of stimulating milk production.

Why express an ethical judgment? I simply answered the question "how do you ...". To purchase domperidone, you must consult you with your doctor, in my country is not a product for free sale. And finally, I have also written references about the protocol adopted in Canada, the most advanced country in the world on this topic. In this way you can have the basic knowledge to discuss with your doctor. And I, with my answer, have provided some useful element to search for a solution. Information and encouragement are different things.

- What I know, I say. What I do not know, I ask -

You stated ''must'' as though taking Domperidone is a sure-fire way of inducing lactation. I just think your information should have been backed up by what you mentioned in the post above, recommending a consulation with a doctor.

Misunderstanding on the keyboard, as it is defined. If someone asks me "I have a fractured femur, have a suggestion?", and I say "you must use the chalk" is not an encouragement to do it yourself. That's it.

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yes i really can help!

can anyone tell me who the woman on the logo is, for this group ? the one with the huge left (side) breast in both hands and sucking ... thanks

"...great minds think alike - when u find out, let me know, cheers..."

well like all men i would like to help you out

I love to suck breast!! I would be glad to suck them for you:)

I would look online for a used double breast pump. You could use it for a long time while watching tv. I did for 2hours one night.

Thank you for sharring.......i can be going to see you for......i would be.i seach a lady like you for alot of years now...Jean-Pierre XXX Please add me like a friend....you are so sweet

well suckling your own breasts sounds incredibly hot and erotic!!!! i ofcourse would have suggested my help if i lived close to you ;)