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When I was 3 I got bit, in the face, by a dog at a horse ranch. I had 3 reconstructive plastic surgeries and now I look fine, I guess. Most people don't even see the scars, but I do. So, we (being my mother and I) sued them. Got almost 30,000 out of it which came in handy when I turned 18. I'm not really uncomfortable talking about it, well the money yes, the actual act, no. It happened, it's over.

I work in an office with my mom. She helped get me the job even though I am more than qualified, which everyone soon found out. Our office is a small one out of over 2,000 in the U.S. our headquarters being in Florida. Our boss, who is also the branch owner started seriously sexually harassing my mom soon after I started.

He divorced his wife, sent her to an Alcoholics camp for almost 2 months and continued to take my mom places without even asking, just assuming that she would love to go. I don't really feel like getting into all the details since it's still so fresh but eventually she had enough and got lawyers together with some of the evidence and they said that we surely had a case.

I was involved simply because I got smack dab in the middle of it. So now we are on paid leave and there are about 15 lawyers working trying to figure all of this out. It will most likely settle out of court. I am just awaiting to hear because it might work out so I can move to San Antonio next month instead of having to wait till January! Our lawyers said it should be all sorted out by tomorrow.

I will let you know what happens.  :)

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Sorry! I meant to finish this. Well, actually, it still isn't settled yet. The final court date in the first week in March and I am going to have to fly to Chicago from San Antonio to testify. I am not really part of the case anymore. I'm only a witness, so I moved to San Antonio and started carrying on with my life. I will be glad when it is officially over though because it has taken up a great part of my mom's life.

hey what happened?? Sory I know its old but im curious!

hey, so what happened?