Ok So I Went To The Doctor's Today

Well I went to see him first 3 weeks ago koz I feel I need to go back on my meds and he said come back in 3 weeks so I did today and he still won't let me have them he thinks seeing a shrink would be better for me this is even after nearly relapsing a week ago I told him everything, I self-harmed for 6 years but stopped 4 years ago every day is a battle but some days are easier then others what would you all advise for me? xx

MrsJohnboy MrsJohnboy
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

its definitely not easy but i find if you find something to replace it its a little easier like i used to keep a rubber band on mi wrist and everytime i wanted to cut i just snap it it gives the same kinda feeling i still do it sometimes