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I have suffered with chronic constipation ever since my early teens, I have been in and out of hospital all my life enduring different tests to see what could be the cause. I have been prescribed endless amounts of laxatives which never worked, been given diet sheets which never made a difference. I went through a time where I eaten nothing but fibre and even that didn't do anything! It got to the point where I was only going to the toilet once a month but one time, it was two months and I still hadn't gone and went really ill. I couldn't eat anything, it hurt to move so I was emergency admitted to hospital where I had an xray but as I was so full, nothing could be seen so I had to have an enema which was extremely painful. The doctors told me that if I had left it for another week or so, it would have gotten into my blood stream which could have been fatal. I haven't been that bad since but that is because I drink alcohol. I find that when I was badly constipated, if I get really drunk and take laxatives at the end of the night, it works and I have been telling the doctors this. All these rubbish laxatives don't do anything compared to alcohol. At first they said I might have a rare condition that might be causing this but when I went to a specialist hospital, the doctor told me that my bowel muscles might not be working properly which could be due to the fact that I wasn't properly potty trained as a child so on the 18th April, I have to have physiotherapy to see if I can get this muscle working again. If that doesn't work, I have to go through more tests and maybe surgery if nothing more can be done.
I have had so many xrays, scans where I've had to swallow a pill and go to hospital everyday for a few days and from this scan, they found that metabolism is barely moving but they don't know what the cause is as I have tried everything to speed it up. I have had a camera, a biopsy, this test where they injected porridge in me. It has been horrible. I really hope that this physiotherapy works and I can be normal because it really is ruining my life. I cannot work out when I am so full and it makes me feel so ill, I am constantly having stomach pains and it might be a contributing factor as to why I sometimes suffer with urinary retention. It is also impossible for me to lose weight which is really depressing as I hate my body. No matter how much I work out and how healthy I eat, I will stay the same. It's horrible.

Every year I wonder whether it will be the year when I will become better and now I am referred to a specialist hospital, I just hope that that year is going to be this year. Fingers crossed!
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Hi, you should try "sarvrog har churan" it is an indian powder based ayurvedic supplement for constipation , piles , migrane, prostate, heart burn and pneumonia.
i have the same condition as you. all my test results are normal doctors have no idea why i have this problem. this supplement is working for me but it gives me a mild diarrhea but its controlable. you can also try yoga depression can also cause chronic constipation. i am suffering since two years now , nothing has worked for me laxative's are dangerous they only work sometimes.

I feel your pain as I too have had constipation since I was born. I have tried all the laxatives, herbs and enemas you could think of..Suffered with severe bloating, gas and sharp pains..I cut out dairy, went vegetarian, tried natural therapies etc...27 years later I still am constipated..many years of various drugs and research I have found a few spiritual menings for constipation I felt I could relate to..
CONSTIPATION: Refusing to release old ideas
Affirmation: As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter. I allow life to flow through me. (Taken from active healing blogspot)
Constipation = fear, holding things in, tensing up

When my mother was preganant with me she went through a lot of fear, running and unthinkable stress which may have been passed onto me. After I was born the stress and fear we both saw carried on for a few years. My father was an alcoholic who used to beat and try to kill my mother and as a child I would often witness it. I believe my fears are still stored at my core and I am unsure how to deal with this at times. I have worked with myself - healing and letting go of the past. I have over come a lot and moved forward a massive lot..my constipation has eased up a lot but I do belive with more work and time I would be able to let go mentally and physically!!

Is there anyone else who has been through a similar situation or a traumatic childhood where you think it could realate to your constipation??

I kind of went in a bit deep with my story but I'm hoping im not alone

I hope you get better.

I know the enemas scare you, but trust me. If they're given to you the right way, they're wonderful. They'll help with the constipation, and they'll be a warm, pleasant, relaxing physical sensation. I've been constipated my entire life, and gotten enemas for it, and they work, and feel good. You just need the right person to give them to you.

All the best,

B. O. S.,
I just posted my experience with chronic constipation. It sounds as if the cause of your constipation (rectal muscles) is the same as mine. I only hope that you are able to get the results that I obtained through Physical Therapy. My one piece of advice would be....be patient. It may take months to get results; it's not an overnight cure. My physical therapy included biofeedback, anal dilation, internal miofacial release therapy, and rectal e-stim. Additionally my doctor had me go through bowel retraining because I had been hospitalized twice with fecal impactions. The retraining required me to use a glycerin suppository each morning that I was unable to have a bowel movement on my own. If, after four days, the suppositories did not produce results, I was to use a tap water enema to prevent any further chances of becoming impacted. The retraining along with the physical therapy have cured my CHRONIC constipation.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that you might obtain the similar relief.

I've had numerous tests and all come back normal, they think I have a condition that hasn't been researched properly yet so there's no cure or anything, I have to take these sachets to help me but they don't really do much. They recommended a water enema but the thought of it scares me. I had to have an enema twice and it was ridiculously painful. They gave me glycerin suppositories but they caused me to faint. It's really horrible ain't it this situation, especially when you're impacted, it's really painful. Thanks for the advice!

I'm not sure what tests you had but the ones that finally provided a correct diagnosis were a Transit study (aka Sitz Marker test), Anomanometry, Balloon Expulsion test and lastly Defecography. I might also suggest that you compare your symptoms with a condition called "anismus". It is a condition that has yet to be thoughly researched and I haave chatted with several folks who suffer from this painful cause of chronic constipation. You're in my thoughts and I wish you well. Ben

I haven't t had a text like that, I've had biopsies, X-rays, scans, camera, I've had porridge pumped in me and numerous devices up there but all came back normal. I ended up in a specialist hospital but they still haven't found anything so there's nothing that I can do about it now, I just have to live with it :/ and it sucks, it's really painful

I can only imagine the hell you've been going through; just a week without anything working right has driven me nuts. Sadly I don't have any advise as to how to fix it, but I felt the need to wish you well and hope you can get this sorted and start feeling better soon. Good luck!

Yes, check out for Celiac...have you been checked for Parkinsons Disease...this can be very constipating.<br />
With respect to laxatives have you tried osmotic laxatives...have you had stomach massages ...what about colonic irrigation etc?<br />
I am thinking and hoping for you.

If I had ceoliac disease, I wouldn't be having constipation, I would have had the opposite. I haven't had any of the above, I've just had what the hospitals have given me.