Chronic Email And Online Chat Checker!!! Blegh

Well there is not a lot to say except that I am one of those people who logs into a chat program 10000 times a day just to see who is online.  I don't like being alone either so I feel better by looking at the list of people online... and then I hope that one of them will start talking to me... I am so silly!!! 

But yes... it's my nature to be a bit obsessive compulsive.  What can one do?

PixieGirlie PixieGirlie
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

its the first time i see someone like me!!! i didn think its a big deal at the begining but you just described it exactly..<br />
it is a syndrome!!!but i guess its not that bad.. don mine if u want we can be friends and keep logging on togather!!

Did you know that windows program has live messenger, where you know instantly when one of your friends is on the computer and can chat. They also know when you open your computer. Right now I am working on getting live web-cameria loaded to live messenger.