I Suffer From a Broken Heart

Well i am 17years old and i now lost my heart and have thoughts in my head i have pain and my heart has no more love inside it , it is filled with anger now and sadness , i loved him but things went wrong all i know is that now i drink alcohol and pop pills i hate my life i hate myself, i wish i can change but i dont i am just angry and broken i look in the mirrow or my attitude my insides i am not me anymore,i am suffering through all this broken feelings i have , of bein unwanted and unworthy i need help.seriously but hopin for the best i hate him but still love him cant live with out him but i am discusting and unhealty i want 2live my life already.... -Crystal im not me whats wrong with me? why am i acting like this?

CHeart CHeart
Aug 21, 2009