The Rash Is Only Now Just Starting To Heal

its been hell 
pathology test after pathology test and nothing shows up no virus no herpes no contagious disease but I feel so self conscious over it and ugly

I know I have done nothing to anyone to deserve this rash and the nausea and dizziness etc

but after anti-biotics and ointments

I finally found something that is starting to work

and bit by bit its healing but its still itchy at times

its made me cry so much 

its been painful and bloody and swollen awful

its just now begining to heal 

when I see the dermatologist I hope they can make it go away all together....

I have to have a biopsy 
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2012

i had a really bad diaper rash from wearing my soaked diaper for too many hours. i have since discovered that if you use cloth diapers or in my case, clothe diaper inserts with my disposable diapers as outers, you can have an amonia build up in the fabric and in turn end up getting a chemical burn like i got. i quickly washed all my cloth stuff with dawn dish soap and regular detergent and it seems to have taken care of the cause. the problem is just now healed after three weeks. the one thing i found to have been most helpful is a pure vitamin E cream. hand lotions have too many other things in them like a form of alchohol that stings bad when you use them. i let things all air dry for an half hour or so and applied the Vit E cream. still had some itchieness but a great more comfortable now.
good luck, i hope this helps you and others.

Hey czaristacrystals...

If you dont mind me asking - where is this rash? and if it is in a personal area have you tried goat milk soap? If you are from Canada I know you can purchase it at Bulk Barn or from any Whole Foods store.

My girl friend from India said in Indian (as far as she knows) any skin problems that are a form of eczema or yeast build-up have been cured using natural milk and I personally have been using goat milk soap on my body off and on since I was a child due to my bad eczema. I even use it for any sort of skin infections (not serious infections)

Without getting too much into your business- I hope this information can help you.

That dove commercial - with the soaps that dry our skin is true and cuz of my eczema I learned from a young age. - When I get a yeast infection or my eczema acts up I know it is because of my soap. My skin is very sensitive in some areas - so if I always use goat milk soap My skin will be ok- BUT will act up if I use perfumed or regular soap.

Wish you all the best :)