Who Has Overcome It?

Ive been reading the stories here in the "I Suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks" group, and my experience has been very similar to MANY others.

Had my first Attack totally out of the blue one night (taught it was a heart attack) .... dizzy, chest pain, couldn't breath, sweating, ears pooped.... felt like passing out. The doctors ran tons of tests on me ... blood work .... stress test ... even an MRI of my head. After finding me completely healthy, they concluded it "MUST BE" Anxiety. Now that I have read of all your experiences I am convinced its Anxiety as well.

I don't seem to be having "full on" Attacks anymore. I do have an almost constant tightness in my chest, and still get the feeling of dieing or "this is not real" from time to time.

I went on pills for a while but didn't like how they made me feel so I've stopped. My doctor has referred me to a therapist, I'm just waiting for my first appointment now.

Unlike many of the stories here, I have a VERY positive attitude. I always have. Even during the WORST attacks I've stayed positive, telling my self "I'm stronger than this..." or "This is all in your head, you can beat this".

The one thing that is missing from all of your stories (or at least the ones I've read), is a success story. Has ANYONE been able to beat this?

I would LOVE to hear some success stories ... or at least some techniques to help control it.
ShaneGibson ShaneGibson
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1 Response May 20, 2012

gosh, how scary! I wish I could give you advice, but I have never had one. Maybe you should try a different medication? Just because that one made you feel weird, doesn't mean another one won't. It may help you. Good luck friend!