I Still Don't Fully Understand

I still dont fully understand the symptoms i have. it feels as if i have heart burn or asthma at the same time. idk. like my chest is just really tight and lacking air i guess.
I'm on medication now, but sometimes it doesn't work. When i feel like the day will bring on an attack, i have meds for that too. I've been feeling way more anxious today. I hate this. My face gets all twitchy and my eyes just want to shut out the world, so my brain doesn't have to register my surroundings. Does anyone else feel like that? Like my eyes literally want to just shut. I'd be at the mall or something and that would happen. I'm terrified of driving! I'm glad i'm not the only one, and i don't really wish my anxiety away perminantly, because that's who i have been all of my life, and it's who i will be. My character has panic attacks. I'm not in full control of my story, and i am fine with that. I do, although, wish my i could control it without meds. I have tried. I have walked through the mall, back straight, happy thoughts, deep breaths, and still i get terrible anxiety. It just can't be helped anymore. Not since i've had that bad relationship. The first time i had an attack was in that relationship -.- bleh, anyway. I could go on and on about all of my experiences, but i don't want to write too much and have people get bored half way though D:
Jem12Sabre Jem12Sabre
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012