My Agraphobia

I've had really bad anxiety and panick attacks for the last 17 years and they have completely taken over my life, it's not something I like talking about so I will leave it there thanks Clive
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I have never been to England. I lived by the ocean my whole life. It's all trees when I look outside. Maybe that contributes to the anxiety because I am used to a view of the ocean outside my window. S - Adenosyl Methionine SAM-E helps. You may want to give it a try. It's a mood elevator and anxiety reliever. I started by taking it in dosages of 200mg and upped it gradually to 400mg. I am able to function normally now...I was a basket case, anxious about everything. I no longer take it. My mood has stabilized. I still get panic attacks now and then but I use the mind thing I told you about. I also tried St. John's Wort but found I had to take it all the time or I could not function. Do you ever feel certain things trigger your panic attacks? Cos I always have such bad ones when I haven't eaten and sometimes right after I have been really happy or excited.

I recently moved to the United States and for a while had no friends. I would spend days alone worrying about money.Sometimes I would not sleep for days. I started getting panic attacks. Extreme fear and anxiety. I took St. John's Wort and later SAM-E. I don't know if they helped. I am less stressed nowadays after I moved in with my current boyfriend. Today I had a panic attack, and the feeling that everything was surreal. My hands went clammy cold and my heart was going fast. I have been like this for the last year since I made the move. I was very lonely for a long time and in my head a lot. There were times when I thought I may be going mad and then I panicked even more. But here's what I learner. Whenever I was feeling anxious I would look inside myself, really reconnect with myself and find a familiar friendly feeling. Like a favorite memory. Or even a familiar good and friendly thought. Sometimes I would talk to myself, tell myself it's ok to panick and I will be just fine cos Ive got me and that's alright.:) Hope this helps.

Yeah all what you have said is exactly what's going on for me, it must be nice living in the United States, I live in Cornwall, England, it's a real nice place to live and I look out of my window and can see the sea right next to me and there's a lighthouse that I see flashing every night, it's really nice.