My Ode To Panic Attacks

My ode to panic attacks

Let me tell you about panic attacks
You choose whether you’re happy or sad
You choose what lives in your head
And when you want to get to bed
You can indulge yourself to think otherwise
But that ducks responsibility in your life

This is the ultimate free will choice
Like when to talk and raise your voice
But thoughts are so easily dismissed
To give yourself a mental lift
Though much easier to stop a thought
Than think yourself to nervous taught

It’s more than dismissing fictional fears
Created from between your ears
Just choose the path for a positive view
And clear all the negative from you
To enable you to blossom much more
By keeping dark in a revolving door

So next time you have a panic attack
Sit down and think of all the facts
That none of your panic is real
This should certainly make you feel
A whole lot better about yourself
That you chose to avoid a personal hell

Then you think what love and joy
You can adopt or deploy
We are made from the purest love
A part of the creator: God above
Panic attacks destroy this: Fact
And unfortunately, panic attacks
This schism hides all the facts.
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012