Panic Attacks

I'd like some advice if anyone can relate or knows anyone who has went through this.

This past year I started having panic attacks. I was sitting on the train and all the sudden my hands felt tingly, and my head felt strange and I didn't know if i was going to puke or faint. It felt like the longest train ride ever. I tried to tell myself that everything was going to be okay and that It was just all in my head.
I don't really know where it all started, but my panic attacks have gotten consitently worse.
I will be working, or taking a walk or doing whatever I am doing and all the sudden I will feel my heart start racing, and I will start panicking about the fact that I am panicking.

It is really effecting my life because sometimes I don't want to go out, because I am too nervous that I will get a panic attack.

I don't know what to do. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I really don't want to have to take medicine. They gave me klonipin and I know how addiciting that can be so I don't want to keep taking it.
Sometimes I feel like when I don't take the klonipin, I get anxious because the medicine is telling my body that it wants it.

i have only taken it a few times.

I'm just extremely shakey...
I was wondering if anyone else has had or knows anyone who has gone through this....

any advice would help
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I HEAR U LOUD & CLEAR..!! My first attack, felt the same, an i thought i was actually dying, cause it scared me so much, finally got to hospital, to find out, that i hypoventalated..!! Apparently, too much oxygen, an little carbon dioxide. So i started breathing into a paper bag, to even it out. The paper bag would cover my nose & mouth.Soon after, i found out, that it was in the family genes..!!

I would advise you to see your doctor and explain the above to him/her and ask for alternative options and perhaps therapy rather than pills.

I would also recommend that you regain control using breathing exercises. There is lots of help on the net and the information is useful. You will slowly build back your self assurance once you know your in control and then work on why its happening to eliminate it!

Also try to find a councillor or someone you can confide in as it helps to talk. Good luck xx