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I am dethly afraid of spiders. i lived in florida near the woods it had just rained. well one night i didnt trun on the light in the bathroom just had a night light on. i saw big spider legs walking on my ceiling and it scared me. my bath room was so small it was like a closet. well this spidder fell off the cieling and ran up my leg . i fell into the hallway with my panties down round my ancles . needless to say i didnt have to pea after that . i had a puddle in the hallway .screaming help help. my ex came down the hall running then he saw me laying in the floor he started laughting , but he killed the spider . he said it was a wolf spider and the will run after you ,well one day i was in the living room and there was one on the cieling again so i thought i would be brave and hit the spider with the broom. well i missed and p issed the spider off and he ran down my broom screaming and jumping around like a crazy woman . i broke my window out threwing the boom i was looking for the spider , i was thinking where did the spider go ? and my ex said dont move . the spider was in my hair . he didnt want to tell me the spider was on my head the stupid thing had jumped and it was mad. the nexk thing i knew i got hit in the head with the broom handle . i asked him what the h ell are you doing hittning me with the broom handle? he said i dint want to tell you but the spider jumped . i said oh s hit!!! jumping screaming again eh got the spider out of my hair , the spider started running up the wall i ran out side , i was watching him as he made a hair spray fire tourch he cought the wall on fire but the spider was krispy . lord iam scared of spiders

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2008

I am afraid of spiders but I LOVE spiders when in webs. I even drop ants onto the web so the spider has food. I am weird. I hate spiders but I love to study them.

thank god when the spider was in my hair he didnt use his hair spray blow torch on my hair , i would have had flaming blonde hair . he burted the drapes and the wall. I told him way to go just dont burn down the house with us in it.

I used to be scared of any type of spider, bug, or creepy crawly insect until I raised three boys then I just had to get used to them.....I still shiver when I see bugs in glass jars, jean pockets etc......yuck!!!!