Arachnophobia Might Kill Me

I have a wierd Arachnophobia - I can physically touch any spider with skinny legs like a daddy long legs or orb spider without getting too freaked out. Black fat house spiders that live in window sills (I'm from Australia so they are pretty common) freak me out but I can get close enough to them to kill them with flyspray. Even venemous ones like Redbacks I can handle. But give me a big hairy one ie. Huntsman or Wolf Spider, and I am a nervous wreck! I once found one in my house, and when I went to find something to dispose of it and realised it had disappeared when I returned, I had to leave and get a hotel room for the night. I then had to get a friend to search the house before I returned, and when he couldnt find it I lived in fear for weeks, carefully searching the house each time I returned. I know if a hunstman fell on my lap while driving I would either have a heart attack or a fatal accident. What can I do?

hamishmurray hamishmurray
Mar 17, 2009