My Fear of Spiders

I suffer from arachnophobia and it is a phobia that I am letting overtake my life. There is a picture of a spider at the top of this page as I am typing and I actually have to scroll to the bottom of the page to avoid looking at it. Even thinking about spiders makes me shake. I grew up in a house of boys...5 brothers, and I can remember my fear even as a young child when my brothers would put grand daddy long legs under the door of my bedroom. I am so scared that I have my house sprayed and have my kids take all the bed clothes off my bed and shake them so I can sleep. I am thinking about taking more extreme measures of putting duct tape around all the cracks of my windows and doors so they can't get in. I often find myself standing in the middle of the living room watching tv instead of sitting on the couch where spiders might be hiding. I can't even use the bathroom or take a shower without examing 2 or 3 times and making sure that there are no spiders. I can't sit at the table because spiders could be hiding under there waiting to get me. I know it sounds crazy but it is my life and I need some serious advice. I don't like any part of my skin to be exposed because I would rather the spiders get on my clothes than on my skin. When I see a spider I run, and then I start going into panic attacks that takes hours to go away. It's sad because not only is this affecting my life but my fiance's and my children's as well. My kids are 7 and 8 and they have known ever since they was probably 3 or 4 that if they seen a spider they should hurry and kill it and not say a word to me about it. I am turning to this support group as a last resort. After this I will go to the doctor and see if they can prescribe me something for panic attacks then go see a phyciatrist to see if that will finally give me the freedom to enjoy my life. Please, if anyone can offer any kind of support or advice, I will gradly take it to heart. Thanks

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Hey there, I know it sounds strange, but I've been following a Twitter account lately called @MR8LEGS. Yes, it's a "spider" on Twitter. The bizarre thing is, since I've been following MR8LEGS I've noticed my anxiety levels have dropped, and my phobia has become easier to deal with each day. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it might have something to do with the fact that following a spider on twitter somehow humanises this once-considered-alien creature, leading me to feel as if they aren't just demonic balls of nerves running around trying to eat me, but rather living creatures, just like us, fighting to survive and protect their family. Plus, it's a pretty funny Twitter account too. Hope it helps!

I do not think your strange or outrageous. You are scared to death of spiders and so am I. The only way i can deal with it is to get righteous on their butts. Seriously, here me out. Get the spray, get the shoe and get an attitude. Say out loud " you wanna live? you shouldnt of come through my door and now your done" . Seriously, live and let live all you want but not in my house. Mama is in charge here, not you spidey!

I can't offer any advice but I can understand what you're going through hun! You're great that you didnt pass on your fear to your children, Iv recently had our first baby and Im determined not to pass it on, I wouldn't wish this on anyone!!<br />
Best of luck hun and I hope something works for you - if it does let me know!! ;)

I sympathize with you :) <br />
This was a big problem for me until recently but it was getting worse and worse over time and I finally decided to try and overcome this problem. I have actually improved a lot. I went to a therapist for a couple of months and we used a book called Mastering your fears and phobias (Antony, Craske). I recommend getting this book and then finding a therapist to work through it with. As the book explains, medications aren't a good option for "specific phobias" which include a fear of spiders.