I have tried paxil, cymbalta, and now I'm on effexor xr. They all help with the depression but have no affect whatsoever on my social anxiety or self image. I have been researching lately and have come across a drug that may be really beneficial for people who suffer from avoidant personality disorder. The only problem is that the drug is amphetamine. I know that sounds really scary, like methamphetamines. But supposedly dexosyn, dexedrine and other drugs that cause a "flood of dopamine" cause a huge boost in confidence. Obviously, people with AvPD have really low self-esteem, so these drugs might allow us to more effectively interact with others. I have no idea if a doctor would even presecribe an amphetamine, especially for a personality disorder. I can't say I'm not going to try though. My next idea was to try nardil, an maoi. I have never even been to a psychiatrist before, my regular pcp prescribes ssri meds without question, but not maoi or amphetamines! So I am going to see a psych doc. When doing research I also came across ropinirole, a dopamine mimicking drug, but nothing sounded as beneficial as amphetamines in boosting confidence. There are many side effects to theses stimulants but I hate my solitude life as it is so the benefits outweigh the risks in my situation.  
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Good evening. I, too, suffer from avoidant personality disorder, and have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, as well. I'm currently taking Effexor, Lamictal and propranolol for chest pain during panic attacks. Over the years, I've taken just about everything, from Cymbalta to Zyprexa. Have you tried Buspar? Or lorazepam? I got myself addicted to lorazepam, and was put on pain meds (Vicodin and Tramadol) for pain following surgery, and got addicted to those, as well. What misery it caused. I've not heard of taking a stimulant for this condition. Has your psychiatrist mentioned it to you?

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