Getting Well

I REALLY want to get well. I'm not interested in having BDD anymore. Is there anyone out there who has had BDD... really bad BDD like me. I mean it consumes my entire day and my life. I have these scars on my thighs from cosmetic surgery so I think I am a lost cause. Is there anyone that whats to be my sponsor..... like in AA?
winteryspruce winteryspruce
2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Hi Widgette. Did you also have plastic surgery that left you with scars? How do I find a sponsor? What are you doing to cope. Today I freaked out ... crying and crying

I can completely relate. I also would like to rid myself of BDD. Plastic Surgery has left me scarred and suicidal. I hope you were able to find a sponsor, someone to help you find some peace.