I Am Not Afraid Of The Information I Am Recieving.

I often get information in my head but lately I've paid more attentiona and now I'm going to document the goings on.

Last week I was working at my crafts and it was very quite as I worked. My mind gets clear when I do my art work. Slowly a name came in...Mary. Then I thought "Mary". After a while the name Pickford came to mind. I said in my mind "Pickford" as I was working. Then I realized I was receiving a message again. I thought, "Mary Pickford" and it was repeated to me several times and the last name spelling came to my mind. Ok, I thought, let's see who Mary Pickford is. So I googled her. Come to find out she is called the "silent Screen Siren". She lived in 1892 and was one of the first silent screen actresses. I felt some affinity to her and comfort.

Today I was working yet again at my artwork. Very peaceful and empty headed. A name came to mind. Slowly "Nellie" was drifting in my head. I thought to myself, "Nellie". Moments later the name "Bly" came to mind. I thought how do you spell Bly and in my head came the spelling. I realized it happened again. I looked up Nellie Bly. She lived in 1864 and was from my area. She was a writer and pretended she was insane so she could report the conditions in the lunatic asylum.

I'm not afraid I get these messages. And again I found it comforting.
Stelagtite Stelagtite
Mar 21, 2013