Not All Your Fault

The amount of stresses in life that someone has, the rotten childhood, the more nasty people someone has put up with, the more that someone is blamed, degraded, mentally or physically beaten, the more someone has lost all adds up and can make someone become maniacally ill. It is like a bridge that collapses with too much weight, or off the rails due to to many buckles.

I believe the cause of manic depression is too many downs, bad treatment, then something like having a child could bring the illness to a head. You see when we are busy we keep the mind off things . When our routine is changed it effects our balanced life. This may effect our mood, diet, coping, communication, and people see you as not yourself, not well and needing help. Most of the other mothers are fine. They maybe had more support, never had been through what you experienced, maybe more support.

Some of the people that put you down are still there saying they are there for you but still effecting you now and then . This is even more difficult when they are family. We still decide to take it and put up with it, but this causes problems for our children also. So then mental health may stay in the family. Cause no one is breaking free from it. Or getting counselling.

I am saying all this because I still put up with bad situations from a family member. I should have got her out of my life a long time ago.

Word of advice is get all people who do you wrong out of your life, cause you cannot change them. Do not let your kids be effected by them. Fair enough if they don't cause you ill, then stand bye them. Any abuse should not be accepted. Even if they are mum, dad, sister, brother, auntie, uncle, grab or grandad, husband, wife, friend, neighbour. Don't take it.
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2 Responses Jun 12, 2013

You said it - get all the people who do you wrong out of your life. I have been in a tight spot for years and have determined that 2013 is MY year. I am not going to allow any more nasty people interfering, putting me down, saying negative things about me, nothing! If they can dish it out they are going to get it back - I'm a very good screamer when I get started hahahahahah. That feeling in the tummy is sooooooooo horrible. I hope things have calmed down for you today. If not, then find a place to get some peace away from it all - go swimming or something. Life just ain't easy for everyone these days. Take care, Gx

sorry you are going through this hopefully it gets better :)

I have put up wit problems in the family all my life. Last night was the 1st time in a couple of weeks, after her outburst over something so small, my stomach was all in nerves and I am thinking why am I putting up with this, it is like walking on egg shells.