I Need A Break!!!!!

Hi I'm new and I've been starting to think its time to ask for help, I've been bulimic sine I was 11 I'm nearly 26. I've kept it my secret shame thought my mum know I was throwing up and tried to talk to teachers , but we are a family that doesn't talk about things! In my 14 years I've had 3 children and pregnant with my 4 th, I am really struggling being pregnant and am throwing up and binging all the time, I suffer from major anxiety and just flaked out the ither day twice at the hair sressers, and my Stomach pains are back when
I throw up to much, I tired of being obsessed with weight and food, it rules my life my mood my entire being and just feel ******, my poor family I wish there was somewhere I could go, I'm thinking about finally talking with my husband about it seriously , again he knows but we don't speak of it, I worry that is will change things or that I won't be able to throw up if I'm really honest, I don't even know if this is making sence, I have years of baggage about my disorder, I just need a break from
Amali3 Amali3
May 6, 2012