Letting Go

u came into my life, uninvited, i let u in though, even though i knew u were not my friend, u have always been there 4 me. when i felt lost u eased my pain, when i wanted to scream n die u took my hand n helped me to go on, in a strange why u become my worst n best friend, i thought i could control u, how wrong was i ?u took over my body my soul, n my mind. u trapped me in your web of deciet n lies, so many times over the years i thought i had escaped u , but u always found me.i let u control my life, ruin so much ,of me . u were my release 4 good r bad i counted on u, in a sick n strange way.but i need to let u go once again, i realize u r not my friend, if i dont release u from my mind, u will desroy my body n soul. i 'am escaping from your web of deciet n lies, i hope this time my mind will let u go, u r not my friend u will kill me if i let u in the end.

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Feb 17, 2010