i wont let u back into my life. am closing that door, sealing it shut. u can try to get out but i wont let u. u have controlled my life 4 over 22 yrs. i hate u, but depended on u to. u took over my mind n my life. u have caused so much damage to my body n soul. u were the eneny that i thought i could control. instead u took control of me. i want to give in to u some days. but i wont n i cant. i have to get my life back again. u have taken 4 to much away from me. i wont let u desroy me.i will struggle n fight, claw my way out of this . i may stumble n fall. feel like u will win. but am stronger then u. i have proved that these lasts few months. u have tried to sneak back into my life, but i know all your tricks , your secrets n lies. am closing the door, i have sealed it shut, once n 4 all. am telling u am screaming at u, leave me alone, u can never come in.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I just find this webpage and i have read some of your posts destiney24. I suffer from bulimia for 6 years and it still taking control of my life. All my people knows about me and my problem exceot my boyfriend, he helps me SO MUCH, when im with him i never eat so much and never throw up. Im am so ******* afraid about the time he discover me. My dream is beat it with my illness and be a normal girl and one tell him about i am healthy and fine and i never give up anymore.
Your posts have encourage me A LOT, im going to try again and not let it appear even one time. I give you a lot of luck and stregnt to kick bulimias'***.
I really appreciate people share they're experiences, it makes me feel im not alone :)

Ps, sorry for my english i can understand it but i know i dont write properly. Its not my lamguage

i hear your screams..i do it too but im not really listening yet..i am so proud of u and it makes me optomistic i can do it too!!! it is ruining everything but i know we can do it!! it is hard to get rid of my best friend/worst enemy that has been with me for so long..stick with it and i will do my best to join u!!!!

You are strong Destiney, you WILL beat this Bro. I have faith in you