Chronic Back Pain

I'm only 23 years old, 24 on the 27th of this month and since about March of this year, I have been suffering from Chronic back pain. I think it may have originally began when I was pregnant with my first daughter and with each pregnancy, it has become a little worse (3 pregnancies). I started a new career on the 13th of February this year, as an AIN (Assistant In Nursing) my job involves quite a bit of unavoidable back work. I finally saw a physiotherapist last week and he said I have muscle spasms that have been happening for quite some time. He also said that there is an anomoly with my back pain that he just can't place his finger on. I'm going back to him tomorrow. I really hope something can be done about my back pain soon. I've only just started working in healthcare, I love my job and I don't want to stop doing my job already!

Thank you for getting this far with reading my story.

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How is your nutrition? Alot of times spasms are caused by lack of vital nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Also this would depend on the location of the pain<br />
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Upper back/between the shoulder blades is often caused by bad posture (often developed by new moms from holding babies) and can be relieved by doing strengthening of the Rhomboids with stretching of the pectoralis muscles. <br />
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Mid back pain/below the shoulder blades along the spine can be caused by weak abdominal and core muscles (also caused by being pregnant...the stretching of the abdominal cavity causes muscle atrophy) try doing some plank exercises/ straight leg raises to strengthen. Also this may be an indication of a kidney infection as they are located in this same area.<br />
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Low back pain may often be caused by a tilt of the pelvis (most often after being pregnant...weakening of the abs allow the quadricep muscle which connects from the front pelvis to below the knee to become strong pulling your pelvis down in the front/up in the back causing pain at the upper hip/lowback area. Quad stretches and ab strengthing will help this.<br />
Also with any of these if you are high stress you may want to spend 20 minutes at the end of your day to just relax. Do some stretches...deep breathing have literal quiet time...brain inactivity. Being stressed causes your body to stay in the sympathetic nervous system which causes your muscles to stay contracted. <br />
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As far as the anomoly in your back... it could be a million non harmful things from a cyst to scar tissue, crepetis, expecially when youre dealing with muscle tissue and ligaments.

so what was the outcome???