I Woke Up Laying On My Tummy And Suffering All Day Because Of It

I find when I lay on my tummy I get bad back pain all day.  it wasn't too bad the last week but came back with vengeance last night.

my physiotherapist says I am to sleep on my back or side or put a pillow under my tummy ... if I sleep on my tum!

but I avoid it... occasionally it happens that I wake on the tum and then the pain is bad all day.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

For woman who have severe back pain, I would suggest you rule out the possibility of polycystic ovaries. I had pain in my back so bad I could hardly walk, I also had pressure in my pelvis and my back often felt like it had broken. The pelvic pain bothered me so I went to a new GP who sent me for an internal ultrasound. I had polycystic ovaries. 21 follicle in one ovary and 11 in the other. You should have only 4 in each. I treated myself with vitamins and minerals and after another ultra sound have cleared my ovaries and Guess What??? Back Pain GONE! Unbelievable.