The Fall

Im forever falling in and out of depression fighting with myself over things that I can't change nothing ever stats the same with me I wish I could just shut down an sleep for a few years and see what happens
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Is any of that in English. I fail to comprehend most of it other than you have apoointed yourself as a specialist in psychiatric medicine. Either you're very ebgry, at yourself, or you are deteriorating fast.

Sorry to disagree but you never fall en and out of depression. You either have it or you don't. Is is possible you are bipolar and the "falling out of depression" is but a part of the illness.<br />
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Have you seen a doctor? Do you have a diagnosis at all? If yoiu don't, how on earth do you think it is depression as it does not work the way you describe it. See a doc and get a referral to a shrink. A normal doc does not have the time or knowlegde to help you.

No response at all? What a surprise. Too scared to find out the truth and too scared of getting better. You'd rather stay as you are wouldn't you? Your choice, No one but you can change a thing.

Listen fuckwit some of us have lives we have to work we don't sit at home an hide behind a computer screen an pretend your some depression guru like you have a clue what your talking about well you don't you ******* idiot so kindly **** off

Well don't bother writing bullshit on here. Delete your lies and fark off. Actually I do know exactly what I'm talking about and it's clear you have no clue. You refuse help always don't you? No doctor for you. I too wish you would shut down and sleep forever.

I understand this feeling so well. Depression is such a rollercoaster. It does make one exhausted. I am always wishing I could just put myself into a coma for a while, just to give my mind a rest. Don't know if you take medicine or not, but I've found it does help. Hope things look up for ya :)