Something Has To Change

it seems like no matter what i do i always end up just feeling sad again...

the loss of interest is so overwhelming..i dont want to do anything anymore. i dont have the energy.

some days are worse than either sad as usual, depressed, or im having a rare moment of free-spiritedness where ive been inspired by something like a song or a positive thought...depression doesnt allow for many positive thoughts to emerge in your brain..just negative garbage

its so bad that ive isolated myself from the few friends i had, we barely talk anymore and i hate it. i have no ******* life.....

...something has to change..

foamborn foamborn
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Yes, I've been prescribed once the anti-depressant cymbalta.. but it didn't respond well with my body at all, I could BARELY keep one down, it was terrible..and I haven't gone back to try again..and that was maybe a year ago...<br />
I have an acquaintance who gives me alot of his zoloft for free..and they work great..but I only take one when I'm having a particularly sad day, or can't stop crying..