Good From Bad.

My parents told me I used to have them earlier than I touched a soccer ball. If I was talking to someone that doesn't understand what it's like to get a migraine I would try to go into more detail about how I cope etc.

Since posting this in a chronic migraine group, we can skip the details of such.

the last five years or so I have been working with kids with many different disabilities. The kids I find I connect with very well are the ones that have a hard time dealing with their sensory deficits, many in which can not communicate. I have found with having my migraines I feel as though I can relate or understand what they may be feeling.

I really hope that whatever they are going through is not painful like that of a migraine. I have found myself after 6 hours ready to throw in the towel, if certain kids with sensory disorders feel that way 24/7? Not saying that's for certain, but I have worked with certain kids where there is clear signs of pain with noise and light.

I think it just shows how much the human body really can endure. I am glad that I have found a way that my (our) unique knowledge of migraines can be applied to help others. It is much easier for us to be patient with someone when we know fragile someone can be while trying to block out certain noises, smells, or lights. It's easier for us to help filter things by knowing that maybe covering the little tiny light on the computer can make a huge difference. There are many ways in which I find my knowledge and experience gained from migraines has served me well.

Do they still suck? Yes.
Do I wish I never got them? No.
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