Like Lightning In My Brain

I suffer very badly with migraines and for the last year i have had them pretty much everyday. But i've suffered for a total of 5 years. I haven't really pin-pointed a trigger/s just yet as they are just so random. Along with the headache and nausea i also get pains which i can only describe as being electrocuted from one side of my head to the other. There is no warning before but no pain afterwards either, but the pain itself (if has lasted more than 6 seconds) has made me passout. I also go deaf for a few seconds afterwards which is scary and just recently have also had some hallucinations (might be the meds though. well kind of hoping so). I hate them so much and really do disrupt my life but i say positive and cheery through out. I just wish the doctors would stop giving me different pills to try and just do some real tests.

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there are many types of drugs out there... dont let some doc tell u other wise.<br />
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the drugs i take have not made me foggy in my thinking at all.<br />
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its the head acks that do, not the drugs....

Thank you! I found some great info! I never knew! The countless times i went to the docs and had an MRI, no-one could tell me why i had so much pain! Now i know. It hits the mark. Thank you again!

It sounds like you have cluster headaches as well as migraines. Sometimes they occur simultaneously. The extreme pain of short duration are the cluster headache part. There are studies being done on cluster headaches that may be of benefit to your migraines too. They are privately funded through an organization called M.A.P.S. Try looking online to see if there is anything being done in your area.