My Neck Is In Agony For 15 Years

hi there, my ame is veronica, here's my story, maybe someone has the same experience. I was diagnosed with ostehondrosis when i was 15 years of age and told my discs were degenerating and look like 40 yo. since that time i never had a pain-free day. Over the years i tried all treatments available - lots of chiropractors, massage, painkillers, all sorts of pain-relief cream. Nothing ever helped. I work in the busy hospital for the last 5 years, and it didn't do any good to me neck either. Once i was sent for the nerves block, but no tests had been done, so it failed completely. Afterwards i had the nerve conduction test, and nothing was wrong with it. All blood results came clear aswell. Nobody could find out so far what caused such excruciating pain.
I was put for the surgery, and im on the waiting list for nearly 2 years. While pain gets worse by the day.
Painkillers don't help at all, just make me drowsy. Im on the edge, it really affects my life. I barely can go out, even
go for a walk. All i seem to do after work is stay in losing contact with people, im simply not able for any activities. Im only 31 years of age, look quite fit outside, but my body is throbbing with pain.  i dread i'll be even worse in years to come...
Maybe someone knows about alternative pain relief methods, like acupuncture or maybe there are other things... Please help. I live in dublin, in case someone knows about treatments over here... Thanks!
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

I can sympathize I have severe Disk Degenerative Disease on 14 levels, a couple of crushed vertebras in my lower back , and a failed back surgery. I have tried all the things that everyone suggested, holistic, herbal, natural meds, acupuncture, chiropractor , nerve blocks, you name it. None of it worked for me. I am back to Morphine, and Hydromorphone( dilaudid), for pain killers, they kinda take the edge off, but never gets rid of most of the pain!. I was told it would get worse and it did years ago it was less and I could do a lot more. Don't get depressed if you feel you are go see some one or talk depression makes the pain worse, some depression meds actually makes the pain a little more tolerable.