Bad Car Accident

12-15-09, on the freeway, no traffic, six lanes open... one guy is in front of me in my lane doing way under the speed limit, so I slow down and check my mirrow to change lanes. I look up and he has slammed on brakes for no reason. I had already seen that there was no one in front of him for miles and nothing on the freeway. I guess he got pissed that I was approaching and had not changed lanes yet. I only had time to check my left lane before realizing that he had stompted on the brakes so I veered left. I had two choices, slam in to the back of him or veer left to avoid the crash. I hit a concrete wall doing about 60 mph, (way less than the speed limit) bounced off, flew up end over and rolled four times. I was crushed in the truck, ceiling against my chest, neck and body, smashed into the floor board. By the time I stopped rolling my driver side door was partially torn off and my feet were hanging out. I still laid there, conscience, chest.compressed, not able to catch my breath, screaming in my wispered voice (all I could manage) for over an hour, waiting for the "ladder truck, the one who has the jaws of life" to come and cut me out of my truck/coffin. I spent a lot of time in the local hospitals and most of it was not good. Luckily and by God's grace my injuries were relegated to C-1 through T-6, I can walk praise God but I am in hellish pain 24/7
cherwarren cherwarren
Aug 3, 2010