Chronic Pain Sucks The Life Out Of Me

I have chronic pain and a number of other painful conditions...I have bad joints and everything from my waist down (especially my hips) aches on a daily basis...I have had several surgeries this year, and I am now physically dependent opiates and I am trying to get off them...which is stupid because they help so much and I dont develop a tolerance to them, but I do become dependant....I have trouble finding a doctor that will keep prescribing them
sadmomof2 sadmomof2
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1 Response Apr 26, 2011

Hi sadmomof2<br />
Sorry to hear you have chronic pain. I had it a bit with sciatica and it does suck the life out of you. I fixed it with using an inversion table. It is like a table in a fr<x>ame that you strap into can hang upside dow in. It sounds strange but it opens up your back where there is compression on the spine causing sciatica. That is what I have worked out anyway. It is not a medically recommended treatment but it works for me. It is exhausting being in pain hey. Maybe you could play around with your diet and it might help. It sounds strange but I have heard people get bad joint pain from coffee and when they stop drinking it so does the pain!<br />
Opiates are very addictive which is why drs do not like prescribing them long term although they do not seem to cause too many problems if you can get them ok. Good luck anyway.<br />
Best wishes<br />