Compound Open Tib Fib Part 3

So I fell down one step at work and had the surgery to repair it. Repair in my mind meant fix it. I would be fixed i thought! Ahhh but that was not the case. My first memory of consciousness is the searing pain. The explosive diarrhea from the antibiotics to save me from bone infection. Nothing was helping the pain. More Ativan was prescribed in an attempt to calm me enough to get me up out of bed. I remember pushing the pain med button and my next memory was that of a tube in my throat. I turned my head to see my friends, Dina, Jim and costa standing in the doorway of my hospital room. Strangest looks on their faces. Costa was pale, so very pale. People in the room yelling my name as I fought to stay conscious! The next thing I knew my brother was standing over me. To ICU I went . Apparently my friends had come to visit and found me blue and non responsive. With a heartbeat! My respiratory system shut down after given too many opiates. ???? This was the beginning of recovering from breaking my leg off without opiate pain meds.
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
Jul 13, 2011