I've been in constant pain since primary school. lol. That sounds so sad. haha. But anyway, I've got Fibromyalgia, which means constant headaches and muscle pain and cramps. Kind of like that feeling you get the day after you exercised yourself half to death, but worse. I don't use painkillers or muscle relaxers often, I rather learn to deal with it, and I do. Most of the time I don't really notice the pain, until I think of it or it's mentioned of course. I basically live in fear of getting sick, 'cause when my immune system is down the pain gets so bad that I can't drive myself to class, I can't even open a door or turn on the tap. Everything hurts, and it moves into my joints. That happened a few weeks ago, and my roommate had to do all the cooking and cleaning. I felt like an invalid and I absolutely hated it. There's no cure, and the best part is, exercise makes the pain better, but it causes the pain too. Which hardly makes any sense at all, but that's pretty much it. I don't very much mind the day to day pain, I don't let it interfere with my life. It's just that when it gets really bad and I can't do things. That scares me so much.
SinnersMuse SinnersMuse
18-21, F
Nov 7, 2011